The officials have been under heavy scrutiny across the NBA playoffs, from Monday night's fiasco in San Antonio to a missed call on the RaptorsDeMar DeRozan on Sunday. That play would've given the Pacers the chance to come within a single point late in Game 7; instead, Toronto was awarded the ball with a three-point advantage.

While fans focused primarily on that play, another break went the Raptors' way earlier in the fourth quarter.

After further review, the NBA league office stated that a flagrant-2 foul should have been called against Toronto center Bismack Biyombo just 42 seconds into the fourth. The flagrant has retroactively been given to Biyombo; another one of them or two flagrant-1 fouls will result in a one-game suspension for him.

Bismack Biyombo, Myles Turner
Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP

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The play occurred very quickly, and no foul was called on the floor. However, when watching the replay, it was apparent that Biyombo swung his arm and hit the Pacers' Myles Turner in the face while the two fought for a rebound.

Had a flagrant-2 been called correctly, Biyombo would've been thrown out of the game and Indiana would've had two free throws as well as the ball.

Before Pacers fans get too upset about this, it should be noted that Indiana was eventually able to secure an offensive rebound on the play and George Hill ended the possession with a 3-pointer.

Still, the Raptors would've been without Biyombo from there on out, and he played until the 6:35 mark while giving Jonas Valanciunas some much needed rest.