Beyond being regarded as arguably the best player that has played in the NBA, Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has earned much recognition for his fiery competitive nature.

During a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday, actor Will Smith spoke glowingly about that aspect of Jordan.

“I love being around people with that kind of competitive energy, but like, Mike will compete with anything, though,” Smith said. “If we're drinking water, Mike be: ‘I’ll race you! You can't beat Mike at anything. If he can't beat you then he's not going to play.”

Smith also stated that Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are the most competitive people that he has ever been around. These two athletes have often been touted for their over-the-top competitive nature, which has been a pillar for their high level of success.

That said, Jordan has garnered much respect from his peers in the NBA along with other sports as being arguably the best player that has ever played. His competitive drive has been a staple of his image and has motivated many generations of NBA players after him and also others in different sports and careers.

It's something that Michael Jordan has built his brand off and continues to display that incredible willpower and desire to be the best regardless of what he's doing at this stage of his life despite his NBA career already having concluded.