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Austin Rivers on the difference between playing with Chris Paul, John Wall

Wizards, AUstin Rivers, John Wall, Chris Paul

Austin Rivers has now had the chance to play for two of the best floor generals of this generation of NBA players throughout his young career in the league. The hybrid guard was traded to the Washington Wizards early in the offseason for big man Marcin Gortat, allowing him to play next to dime maestro John Wall after several seasons with Chris Paul during his tenure with the L.A. Clippers.

The shifty guard recently explained the difference between the two elite point guards.

“John is so explosive. It comes to you really quick,” said Rivers, according to James Herbert of CBS Sports. “You’ll be running on the break and you’ll set up, that ball is flying at you. So you have to be ready to go, and when he gets the rebound, you gotta go. Chris [Paul] likes to get it, set the tempo, come up, now pick-and-roll. John gets it and likes to just go. So they’re two different players, two different point guards. So that’s the thing about John is you just gotta run with him. He’s a willing passer.”

Wall is the younger of the two point guards and can make use of his athleticism and speed to get by most players in transition, while Paul, now 33 years old, has transformed a dazzling fast break game to a more methodic approach, allowing him to control and orchestrate his offense in a half-court setting.

Both point guards are regarded as unique talents, but they have their distinct differences. If Rivers can adapt to playing with Wall’s breakneck pace after years of a controlled offense under Paul, he can prove to be a boon for the Wizards after shipping their longtime center out of town.