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Wizards news: Bradley Beal blasts Donald Trump for rescinding White House visit invite to Stephen Curry

bradley beal

In wake of president Donald Trump withdrawing the Golden State Warriors’ invitation to the White House after winning the NBA title, there has been much backlash from players across the league.

Washington Wizards star guard Bradley Beal weighed in on the issue at hand by adding to the bashing of Trump via social media.

This had come in response to two-time league MVP Stephen Curry voicing again on Friday during the Warriors’ Media Day that he didn’t want to take visit the White House, which the president caught wind of to issue his strong stance. However, if there was never an invitation in place, it only adds the unconventional and often times irrational behavior from Trump via social media.

Cleveland Cavaliers star forward LeBron James has already given his two cents on the issue by calling Trump a “Bum” for his latest actions. What makes things more interesting is there was never a formal invite in place for the Warriors, which makes Trump’s tweet that much more head scratching.

That said, there are likely many other players in the league that hold the same stance as Beal, James, and Curry that have no desire in dealing with anything that involves president Trump.