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Bradley Beal is optimistic of Wizards’ direction after meeting with Ted Leonsis

bradley beal, ted leonsis

The Washington Wizards seem to be on a constant decline after being one of the most exciting teams to watch in the past couple of seasons. This year, they are highly unlikely to make the playoffs, and with John Wall suffering a torn Achilles, there are a lot of questions surrounding the Wizards’ future, especially Bradley Beal.

According to Matthew Paras of the Washington Times, Beal met with team owner Ted Leonsis and was pleased with what they have discussed.

“It went really well. I’d personally rather not talk about what we talked about, but it went really well. … It was pretty much just talking about what we’re going to do moving forward.”

Beal still has two years left on his contract following this season, and it was important for him to find out what the Wizards are planning to do moving forward. Leonsis, who already mentioned in the past that Washington has no plans to tank, remains optimistic about the chances of Washington being competitive next season.

Even before Beat spoke to Leonsis, he already made it clear that he wants to stay in Washington. He emphasized that once again, now that he knows where the team is headed.

“I’ll keep playing my [rear] off until I’m out of here. I’m always a fan of just being in one spot and working with what we got, no matter what it is, who it is, who’s in, who’s out, who’s hurt, who’s not. You know, I always fight and compete until the end.”

In a league that has seen some of its brightest stars demand trades and switch teams for a better opportunity, Beal’s commitment to Washington is something that’s refreshing to see.

However, as history suggests, that could change anytime, especially if Beal will feel that he won’t be winning with the Wizards.

For now, he seems fine with where he is.