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VIDEO: Bradley Beal sets up Thomas Bryant for game-winning dunk to flush Kevin Durant, Nets

Bradley Beal Wizards

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal tossed a beautiful dime to center Thomas Bryant that proved to be the difference in the game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Check out the dish and the slam that earned Washington their second win of the season:

Handling the ball just above the arc near the Brooklyn bench, Beal maneuvered his way out of a potential trap that the Nets were hoping to spring with Kevin Durant and Joe Harris along the sideline. Gaining a step on the slower Harris off the dribble, Brooklyn was forced into an emergency rotation in the paint, with Jeff Green sprinting over to meet the guard at the rim.

Thankfully for the Wizards, their all-star knew just what to do.

Threading the needle between the two defenders, Beal found Bryant wide open in the interior, who promptly caught the pass and threw it down for a monstrous dunk that gave Washington a slim one-point lead.

However, with just over 14 seconds remaining in regulation, Wizards fans had to endure a chaotic final sequence in which the Washington defense swarmed between Durant and Kyrie Irving, as the two shuttled the ball back and forth in search of a game-winning shot. With both missing prime opportunities to give Brooklyn a lead, the Wizards finally secured a rebound, ensuring Washington received the win.

Despite starting the season with a five-game losing streak, the Wizards have now won consecutive games and look to have life in their quest to qualify for the postseason. Washington will have another chance to continue their good fortune Wednesday against the Philadelphia 76ers.