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Wizards star Bradley Beal speaks out on stealing Russell Westbrook’s ‘rock the baby’ taunt

Bradley Beal, Wizards, Russell Westbrook

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal had tons of fun against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday, even pulling off the “Rock the baby” celebration after scoring an and-1 over rookie Anthony Edwards.

The celebration was the signature taunt of new Wizards guard Russell Westbrook, but with the triple-double machine out, Beal decided to steal it during the game. However, it was not without approval, as it was Brodie himself who taught his teammate how to do it while cheering on the sidelines.

After the contest, which marked Washington’s first win of the season after a 0-5 start, Bradley Beal talked about the celebration and shared how he ended up doing it, thanks to Russell Westbrook.

“[I decided to do it] right before I was about to go to the free throw line. I was like, let me get my breath first,” the Wizards’ 27-year-old scorer said, per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports.

“Then, I looked at Russ and I was like ‘what does he do? The little baby?’ I was like ‘Russ, what do you do?’ Then, he started doing it and that turned into the baby rock. I probably shouldn’t have done it on [Anthony Edwards] because Ant Man is strong as hell. I got my Russ off. We’re good.”

Beal certainly had several reasons to be happy about. Aside from getting the W for the Wizards, he finished with a game-high 31 points on 12-of-20 shooting. He also recorded three rebounds and seven assists as the Timberwolves struggled offensively throughout the contest.

While Beal has some regrets doing it against a promising rookie in Edwards, it’s not wrong to have some mini-rivalry in the NBA. Fans can only hope the No.1 pick in the 2020 Draft takes revenge when he meets Beal and his Wizards again.