Wizards news: Dwight Howard discusses what he's most passionate about these days
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Wizards’ Dwight Howard discusses what he’s most passionate about these days

Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard has a passion outside of basketball these days that some people may not know about.

Howard is currently sidelined after it was revealed that he would need surgery to fix a gluteal issue, with the 14-year pro expected to be out of action for at least several months.

But that hasn’t stopped him from getting involved with other non-basketball projects, including his taking on a role as executive producer of the indie film “Percy” starring Christopher Walken.

The plot of the movie is centered around farming, and Howard wants to make sure everyone continues to understand his deep connection with that particular topic.

Here’s what Dwight Howard had to say about his love of farming, courtesy of Amanda N’Duka of Deadline:

“When I read the script for Percy, I connected with it in a major way. I’ve always been passionate about farming. Most people don’t know that I own a farm outside of Atlanta. I understand the struggles of farmers, the connection to the land and its natural environment. Percy, as result, was a natural fit for my first film investment. This film is important especially with all the environmental issues we are currently facing.”

“In addition to executive producing the project,” Howard added, “I plan on doing as much as I possibly can in marketing this project once it premieres so that we can get our communities to go out and support this project.”

Of course, his love for farming has seemingly been evident for a while now.

Dwight Howard bought the farm in Atlanta, and he has even gone as far as saying that he’d like to become a full-time farmer once he decides to retire from basketball.

Still, Farmer Dwight has an odd ring to it, so that may take some getting used to once he calls it quits in the NBA.