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Marcin Gortat speaks out after John Wall’s statement directed at him

Marcin Gortat, John Wall

Marcin Gortat spoke on the drama revolving around the Washington Wizards’ play sans John Wall, who is out with a knee injury. The big man noted nothing he said was aimed at upsetting his teammate Wall or to imply anything other than the team enjoying playing with each other, as they had won five straight games at one point without their All-Star floor general.

“Well, my comment is that: it’s clearly the whole drama that was stirred up from a few days ago, a week ago, whatever,” said Gortat, according to Candace Buckner of The Washington Post. “It was definitely not even me or Brad or anybody on the team was trying to hit him with anything that’s going to make him pissed or that’s going to make him frustrated. And there wasn’t definitely any hit at him, basically.”

“We talk about team win with 30 assists a game, everybody played for each other. We enjoyed the game. And basically I see that, you know, he felt different way. He felt it was a different way and he came back with that kind of a comment. So, now we got to ask each other questions who’s attacking who?”

Backcourt mate Bradley Beal had made comments saying “everybody eats” when Wall is on the shelf, a comment Wall took to heart.

Gortat later was asked if he had talked to Wall after the latest back-and-forth, which he later cleared up.

“No, I talked to him a few days ago,” he said. “I thought we verified that. I told him that it was nothing personal and I definitely didn’t think about him when I was writing that or whatever I was saying. We never thought about attacking him and I thought we had this verified.”

Wall is still 6-7 weeks away from a return and will likely need to clear up this whole situation with the team if they are to be in amicable terms entering the postseason.