Fans have plenty of reasons to follow the NBA religiously. Not only do they get to witness the best professional basketball players duke it out against each other, the league also provides its own kind of soap opera, what with the endless beef and the politics involved in roster moves. However, as the old adage goes, “money makes the world go 'round”. Betting has become ingrained within sports culture, especially in recent years — and Washington Wizards point guard Monte Morris does not like how it's affecting how fans view the game.

In particular, the Wizards floor general does not appreciate how the occasional inability of players to reach the over/under lines on specific player leads to nasty fan heckling. This, in turn, takes away the purity of what makes the game so great.

“Now you hear guys yelling ‘I need such and such for the parlay.' They just take the fun out of the game, like the love for that, every night,'” Morris said, per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington.

For the uninitiated, for a bettor to hit on what the Wizards called a “parlay”, those included in the bet must reach all of their lines, without fail. For example, if a bettor takes the over on Monte Morris' six assists line for the night, they must also hit on another bet so they could take home their winnings. So even if the Wizards PG hits seven dimes, and, let's say, the bettor gambled on Kyle Kuzma to hit over 23 points and he failed, they will come home empty-handed.

This has drastically changed the way fans follow the game; instead of rooting for their team to win a championship, which, at its core, is the ultimate goal in all of professional sports, they end up box score surfing instead. And if they don't get the stat line they need to hit on their wager, some even resort to name-calling on social media.

Some players, such as Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier, have been on the receiving end of verbal abuse on social media as a result of a failed parlay. Meanwhile, Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant took an outright shot towards gamblers when he made fun of their missed parlays when he scored just 14 points in 40 minutes against the Hornets in March 2022.

Nonetheless, given the money involved in the sports betting industry, the Wizards guard may have to make do with the current circumstances.