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VIDEO: Wizards’ Russell Westbrook rips sleeves in frustration after missing free-throw

Russell Westbrook Wizards

It seems as though Russell Westbrook has finally figured out why he’s been shooting so poorly. In the Washington Wizard’s home game on Thursday against the Los Angeles Clippers, Westbrook had another rough night from the charity stripe and had to go as far as making a last-minute change to his wardrobe.

With under a minute left and the game still very much on the line, Westbrook was tested from the line to try and keep the Clippers at bay. He awfully bricked his free throw and cooly sunk the second one with a grin on his face. After his 50% trip to the line, Westbrook tore his right arm sleeve out of frustration. He ended up taking off his other arm sleeve and it actually worked.

We all know how particular Russell Westbrook is when it comes to his outfits so this, believe it or not, is huge.

Westbrook was again sent to the line after the quick wardrobe change and magically knocked down both shots. He did end up shooting one for two again on his last trip to the line but still, a 3/4 shooting clip without sleeves is definitely something to look back at if you’re Westbrook.

The former MVP’s free throw shooting form has drastically gone down in the past few seasons. In his first five seasons in the NBA while playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Westbrook was shooting at an average of 81.4% from the line on 6.3 free throw attempts. In his MVP season in 2016-17, he was shooting at a career-high average of 84.5% from the line.

From then, it became worse and worse for the spitfire point guard. His free throw shooting numbers have hit rock bottom at a career-low of 59.5% this season and shot 7/15 from the line against the Clippers.

The Wizards star might have to seriously consider ditching the sleeves moving forward.