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Wizards news: Spencer Dinwiddie on what makes him different from Russell Westbrook, John Wall

Spencer Dinwiddie, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Wizards

Washington Wizards star Spencer Dinwiddie knows that filling the shoes of the previous point guards in DC won’t be an easy task. The 28-year-old is well aware that the arsenal of court generals has been great in DC over the past few years: from Gilbert Arenas to John Wall and, more recently, to former MVP Russell Westbrook.

“I’m not Gilbert, John or Russ. Those are all dudes with very interesting personalities,” Dinwiddie told ESPN. “You’ve got some of the best players — obviously Russ, one of the best players to ever play in terms of the triple-doubles. You’ve got Gilbert, one of the best scorers of all-time. You’ve got John, who had an extended run when you could argue he was the best point guard in the league.”

But, he’s ready.

After kidding about being the first point guard in Washington to take Bitcoin to the senate, Dinwiddie went on to explain why his stint as Wizards’ main playmaker will be different.

“I think just my style of play is very different from them. Like I said, I respect everything that they did, but what I want to be known for is winning, and that’s what I hope to bring to the franchise,”  he added.

Dinwiddie developed into a legitimate star in his time with the Brooklyn Nets where he helped transform the franchise from a rebuilding squad to a bonafide championship contender. Now, he’s ready to do the same with the Washington Wizards as the organization looks to turn a new page.