Booker T never scored higher than 88 OVR in a WWE 2K game, but still, his new rating for WWE 2K24 is pretty mid for someone who is a former five-time, five-time, five-time World Champion.

Prior to this release, the 5-time World Champion's lowest rating was 86. Now, that record is broken, as Booker T gets an 84 WWE 2K24 OVR Rating. That's a big disappointment for the fans of the former King of the Ring winner, and it's a bigger shame that we still don't have Queen Sharmell in the game, even just as a manager – nor are we allowed to reform Harlem Heat with Booker's big brother Stevie Ray.

Maybe Visual Concepts is basing this off Booker T's abysmal performance in the 2023 Royal Rumble? That would explain it if only Booker T is being treated as an active competitor in WWE 2K24. But he's listed under Legends, so shouldn't he be rated based on his peak performance? Is this rating because he's from WCW?

Now, with these recent reveals, we know that not even Legends are immune to Visual Concepts' massive nerf war with WWE Superstars. I'm starting to get worried for the rest of the Legends. Next, you'll tell me that Eddie Guerrero is now an 83, or that The Undertaker has a rating of anything under 90.

Whatever the case ends up being, we'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest WWE 2K24 news and updates here on ClutchPoints Gaming.