Bray Wyatt hasn’t even been back in the WWE Universe for a week, and yet, it feels like the formerly Fiendish performer is back and better than ever. His appearance at Extreme Rules – which might as well have been called Bray Wyatt’s White Rabbit Reveal at Extreme Rules, based on the excitement surrounding his involvement in the show – has already achieved borderline legendary status thanks to its expansive introduction and the near-deafening reaction it drew from the fans, fans eagerly tuned into RAW to see if he would appear despite not being advertised for the show – *spoiler alert* he didn’t appear outside of a video vignette encouraging fans to “revel in what you are” – and then watched excitedly as his scheduled SmackDown appearance inched closer and closer as the show went along.

Fortunately, when Wyatt finally took the ring for the final five or so minutes of the show, he did not disappoint. Coming out of his hybrid Shack/Firefly Funhouse, Wyatt walked down to the ring with his signature blue lantern and a brand new theme song that sounded like a hybrid of Portishead and My Chemical Romance, the man born Windham Rotunda blew out the lights, got himself a mic, and cut an uncharacteristically honest promo that few fans expected but happily accepted nonetheless.

Bray Wyatt is grateful to be back in WWE.

Addressing the crowd for the first time since his return and potentially the first time as “himself,” Wyatt spent nearly four minutes on the mic telling fans how he feel about his time away from and his ultimate return to the WWE Universe.

“I don’t know if you can read this on me, but I am incredibly grateful,” Wyatt said. “I’m really, really nervous to be here, I didn’t think this would happen. This right here, this is just me, okay; this is a version of me that I have never introduced to you guys before, this is just me being me for the first time. I just wanted to share with you that this past year of my life, I’ve lost a lot of things. I lost my career, I lost my self-confidence, I lost two people who were very, very close to me, and I lost my way. And I got to a point where I thought that every single thing I’ve done here or otherwise was all meaningless, that nothing I ever did mattered to anyone. And I was wrong, I was wrong.”

After a moment of reflection, Wyatt continued on.

“Once I got done feeling sorry for myself, I decided to go out in the world again and see people who would say ‘thank you Bray man, when you coming back home?’” Wyatt said. “But every once in a while, there would be someone I would meet who would be truly remarkable, you know who you are, but these people, they would come to me, they would come to me and say ‘Bray, I wanted to thank you man, because I was in a time of need and I lost people who were close to me, and I lost my self-confidence, and I felt weak, and I felt vulnerable, and in this weakened state, I found your words, Bray. I found your words and I wanted to thank you, man. You saved my life, Bray.’ The Truth is, I don’t think a lot about stuff like that. And the thing about that is, I could sit here today and I can look all of you in the eyes and say that you were there, when I was weak, when I was vulnerable, when I was down, so I wanted to say thank you, you all saved my life.”

As the crowd cheered him on, Wyatt wanted to continue, but his spotlight and mic were cut yet again, this time to make way for a promotional vignette by… Bray Wyatt, now wearing the metallic devil mask he wore during his initial Extreme Rules appearance before removing it to tell fans he was “back.” This version of Wyatt, again, delivered a cryptic message and left SmackDown viewers incredibly confused when the 11 PM ET show began to air.

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“Come with me,” Wyatt declared. “Life is done, forget the future, forget the past, life is over, breathe your last, you have no idea what you’re dealing with, oh, but you will, you will.”

So what gives? Are there two Wyatts now? Is there someone impersonating Wyatt? Or maybe Wyatt has a bit of a split personality, where the external Wyatt wants to be a role model to fans who believe in him, whereas his inner, twisted self, wants nothing more to embrace who they really are, even if it’s probably not the kind of person who will be selling dolls Lilly-style to little kids. Needless to say, this story isn’t over just yet.