A stadium where New York Yankees legend and arguably the greatest baseball player of all-time Babe Ruth played could reportedly be torn down soon, according to Stephen Wade of apnews.com. The Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, Japan played host to Ruth and other superstars in 1934. Ruth performed well and his legacy has lived on not just in the USA, but Japan as well following the tour.

The stadium, which was opened in 1926, would be demolished as part of a rebuilding plan of sorts. It's controversial though, as noted in Wade's article. A more recent article from economist.com notes the plan to destroy the stadium is “part of a broader redevelopment of the central Jingu Gaien area.”

Another interesting note about the situation is that only three ball parks are still in existence where Babe Ruth played, with Wrigley Field and Fenway Park being the other two. Ruth of course began his career with the Boston Red Sox, so he was no stranger to Fenway Park. And one of the most famous moments in MLB history took place with Ruth at Wrigley Field, as he may or may not have called his shot in the World Series.

Every MLB fan understands how historic Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are as a result. They have both been in existence for a long time and hosted some of baseball's greatest moments. However, people may not have heard about Meiji Jingu Stadium. It should be more appreciated, as it is apart of Babe Ruth's history legacy.