The New England Patriots have been busy this offseason as they're trying to get back to the postseason next year. It'll be tough, as the AFC East has become much more competitive since Tom Brady's departure. The Buffalo Bills look to repeat their performance from a year ago, while the Miami Dolphins are close behind.

New England has an interesting roster for the 2021 season. The defense should be vastly improved with Dont'a Hightower and Kyle Van Noy returning. Additionally, Bill Belichick and the coaching staff are hoping for a much improved passing attack. Cam Newton could be back to regular form, but the franchise views Mac Jones as the future.

The front office went tight end heavy in free agency, bringing in Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. They also acquired some new receivers, but none are all that exciting. The defense will keep this team competitive, but the offense could struggle again. Even with the new acquisitions, it'll be a tough year for the Patriots. With that said, here are two overrated players on the Patriots roster.

Hunter Henry

Hunter Henry is a good tight end, but he's not great, or elite. The front office paid him to the tune of a three-year deal worth $37.5 million. That's a big price tag for a guy who has never been a top five tight end in the league. The addition of Jonnu Smith also hurts Henry's potential in New England, as Smith is much more dangerous after the catch. It's likely the offense designs plays for Smith, as he's the younger, more athletic tight end in New England.

As of now, Cam Newton will be the starting quarterback, which also doesn't bode well for Henry's production either. We'll see how Newton plays after the front office tailored the offense towards his strengths, but it feels like the franchise could have found a cheaper option than Huner Henry to play as the second tight end on the team. He's never surpassed 700 receiving yards and averages about four touchdowns per year.

He's now apart of a roster that isn't as efficient at passing the ball, which means we could see Henry struggle in 2021. If that's the case, then the Patriots over paid a guy due to the hype surrounding his name.

Nelson Agholor

Nelson Agholor had the best year of his career with the Las Vegas Raiders and he's suddenly the top target in New England?

The Patriots signed Agholor to a two-year, $22 million deal indicating they view him as the top receiver on the team. He proved to be consistent in Las Vegas, but Darren Waller was the top pass-catching option. Jonnu Smith is likely the top guy in New England, but the franchise has high expectations for Agholor as well.

The team and the fan base should temper those expectations, as Agholor has never been a top receiver in the NFL. They paid him like one, but there are multiple reasons to believe he won't be. Considering Agholor will likely be guarded by the top cornerback on opposing teams, Agholor may have a tough time getting open. Look for someone else in the receiver room to emerge as a more consistent target.