There are just about two weeks between now and the start of the 2024 NBA Draft. Once again, the focus leading up to the draft spotlights the decision that the Atlanta Hawks will be making with the first overall pick. Alex Sarr and Zaccharie Risacher are both in consideration for this top pick, but the Hawks can only end up with one of them. So far, very little separates the two French products during the pre-draft process. That is why various NBA mock drafts continue to argue in different directions regarding Sarr and Risacher.

The key question heading into the NBA Draft isn't necessarily about Sarr and Risacher at the top of the draft. It is about Donovan Clingan, who many tend to believe is the best collegiate player in this draft class. A two-time national champion at UConn, Clingan has displayed all the tools to be an impactful two-way center in this league for many years to come. That is the reason why the Hawks have done their homework on him and why several other organizations are attempting to move up in this draft to snag him.

This year's draft is very intriguing because of all the versatile talents that find themselves as potential lottery picks. Even outside the lottery, there are plenty of seasoned veterans from college that are ready to embark on their NBA journeys. There may not be a player like Victor Wembanyama or Anthony Edwards at the top of this draft board, but the 2024 NBA Draft still features plenty of talent that will impact the 2024-25 season.

Pre-draft workouts are ongoing, which means there is a lot to discuss in terms of what is being said around the league. After previously assembling his 2024 NBA Draft Big Board 3.0 and Mock Draft 2.0, ClutchPoints' NBA insider Brett Siegel has updated his mock draft, which is filled with projections for all 58 picks based on intel from scouts, agents, and executives from around the league.

1. Atlanta Hawks – PF/C Alexandre Sarr – France (Perth Wildcats – NBL)

NBA Draft prospect Alex Sarr Atlanta hawks top pick

Although Zaccharie Risacher is ranked first on ClutchPoints' 2024 NBA Draft Big Board 3.0, Alex Sarr is the player the Atlanta Hawks should be taking in this position given his versatility and defensive instincts in the frontcourt. Sarr possesses the athleticism and length needed in modern-day big men, and he would find a lot of success in an offense run by Trae Young, whom the Hawks do not have much interest in trading away this offseason, league sources said. Still, the Hawks are evaluating all of their options pertaining to this top pick. Risacher, sources said, is still very much in play to be drafted first overall.

At this juncture, the Hawks are evaluating several scenarios at the top of the draft, including hearing inquiries from rival teams for their first overall selection. The San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers currently possess the assets that would be needed to make a swing for the Hawks' top pick. The belief right now is that general manager Landry Fields and his front office will be holding onto this selection, sources said. However, UConn's Donovan Clingan is a player the Hawks have done their research on in recent weeks, leading to the belief that the Hawks are open to the idea of moving down a few spots. As far as other moves the franchise could make, Atlanta is expected to make both Clint Capela and De'Andre Hunter available in trade discussions leading up to and past the NBA Draft.

2. Washington Wizards – SF Zaccharie Risacher – France (JL Bourg – LNB)

Assuming Risacher doesn't go first overall, it would be shocking if the Washington Wizards passed up on him in this spot. Risacher has a chance to be a long-term fit on the wing for virtually any team in this league because of his 3-and-D abilities. Next to Bilal Coulibaly, the Wizards would suddenly have two very versatile and athletic wings that could turn into a deadly one-two punch, especially in transition. In terms of who the better fit for Washington is, they would love to see Sarr in this spot.

Michael Winger and Will Dawkins are currently rebuilding the Wizards, but they are doing so with the mindset of being aggressive in their pursuit of talent. If that means trading Kyle Kuzma, Jordan Poole, or anyone else, Washington is going to entertain all of their options if it presents a path to growth. Although they are likely to keep this pick, don't count out the Wizards fielding offers from teams looking to trade up or Clingan. The Wizards could be comfortable trading down or going after a second lottery pick if they aren't sold on Risacher in this spot, if talents such as Ron Holland, Cody Williams, and Tidjane Salaun are available later in the lottery.

3. Houston Rockets – C Donovan Clingan – UConn

Connecticut Huskies center Donovan Clingan (32) reacts against the Illinois Fighting Illini in the finals of the East Regional of the 2024 NCAA Tournament at TD Garden
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Various teams behind the Houston Rockets are interested in trading up to select Donovan Clingan. As reported previously, the Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trail Blazers both hold interest in moving up to select the UConn big man. That makes Clingan an easy selection with this third overall pick, especially since the Rockets too have shown a level of interest in Clingan's abilities as a defensive anchor who can spread the floor offensively. Forming a frontcourt duo of Alperen Sengun and Clingan could be very advantageous to the Rockets, especially given how scouts have raved about Clingan's perimeter game.

Rafael Stone and the Rockets are open for business right now. As was the case when Houston owned the third overall pick in 2022 when Jabari Smith Jr. fell to them, the Rockets are paying attention to the top of the draft board to see what happens with Sarr and Risacher. In the strange event that Risacher falls their way, the Rockets would likely seize this opportunity to add who many think is the best wing in this draft. Then again, teams will ramp up their offers to Houston in order to try and secure Clingan. It wouldn't be shocking to see the Rockets trade down a few spots, while also adding an experienced secondary talent to their roster.

4. San Antonio Spurs – PG/SG Stephon Castle – UConn

The San Antonio Spurs have been linked to Nikola Topic for the longest time. Despite still holding interest in Topic, the Serbian guard's recent ACL injury is certainly somewhat concerning. Seeing as they also hold a high interest in Stephon Castle, taking the UConn guard over Topic may make a lot of sense. Castle has two-way capabilities, and he is seeking to join a team in need of a lead guard. Well, that description perfectly fits the Spurs, who are looking for impactful talents to surround Victor Wembanyama with.

As a result of wanting to win with Wemby right now, the Spurs are another team that will be aggressive with their two lottery picks on draft night. The idea of packaging both picks together in a trade for an All-Star-like talent or to potentially make a run at the top pick in this year's draft seems more like a fan-driven idea than one the Spurs are actually considering at this time. With this said, the Spurs would seriously consider pursuing Darius Garland if the Cleveland Cavaliers made him available in trade talks leading up to the draft, sources said.

Castle is a high-upside pick here for the Spurs, but other guards, such as Devin Carter, Rob Dillingham, and Topic, will be available when they are scheduled to pick again at No. 8 overall. This could lead the Spurs to consider either Matas Buzelis or Tidjane Salaun with this fourth-overall selection.

5. Detroit Pistons – SF Matas Buzelis – G League Ignite

Team Giraffe Stars forward Matas Buzelis (13) of the G League Ignite shoots the ball over Team BallIsLife forward-center Skal Labissiere (8) of the Stockton Kings during the G-League Next Up game at Indiana Convention Center.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There are two things the Detroit Pistons are going to be searching for with their fifth overall pick: perimeter scoring and the opportunity for immediate growth. Although his numbers with the G League Ignite may not show it, Buzelis is a strong shooting presence who can score from virtually anywhere on the court. His length is also an advantage, as Buzelis has the capability to rise up over defenders and get his jumper off with ease. At 6'10” with shoes, Buzelis would be the ideal forward for Trajan Langdon to bring in as his first addition since joining the Pistons' front office.

Ahead of the 2024 NBA Draft, the Pistons are being viewed very much as a wild card due to their unpredictability. This is a franchise that wants to change quickly, and they believe Langdon will be the answer to turning around their recent mishaps. As a result, rival executives believe the Pistons will be making various talents, who were seen as untouchable in previous years, available on the trade market leading up to the draft. The focus in Detroit is to build around Cade Cunningham and add dynamic talents next to him. After drafting Ausar Thompson last season and having Jalen Duren in the frontcourt, Buzelis makes the most sense in this spot.

6. Charlotte Hornets – PG/SG Reed Sheppard – Kentucky

All indications point in the direction of the Charlotte Hornets seeking backcourt and scoring next to LaMelo Ball this offseason. At sixth overall in the NBA Draft, the Hornets should have a wide array of options to consider. Given his abilities to bring the ball up the floor as well as be an elite three-point shooter off the ball, Reed Sheppard falling to them would be the Hornets' dream scenario in this draft. Sheppard shot 52.1 percent from the perimeter in one year at Kentucky and would be an excellent secondary weapon for Charlotte to add to their young core of Ball and Brandon Miller.

Charles Lee, the Hornets' new head coach, is going to be searching with the front office for high-IQ players they can trust. Competitiveness and the mindset of not backing down are traits that resonate with Lee's coaching style. This description fits Sheppard perfectly, making him the ideal player for Charlotte to draft in this position. The Hornets, sources said, have also scouted Nikola Topic, Rob Dillingham, and Stephon Castle.

7. Portland Trail Blazers – SF Ron Holland – G League Ignite

There is a belief out there that Ron Holland could potentially slip out of the top 10 in this year's draft. However, there are still plenty of teams that are high on his potential as a wing, one of them being the Portland Trail Blazers. Holland did not have the most productive season with the G League Ignite despite entering the year as the potential No. 1 overall pick. Whether or not he slips in this year's draft all depends on whether a team trades up ahead of the Blazers and which players potentially fall to Portland in this spot. In Holland's case, he would provide immediate upside on the wing, where the Trail Blazers lack productivity, and he would give them a very athletic defender.

This seventh overall pick is very much in play to be traded, seeing as Portland is actively looking to move up into the top five. If the Blazers owned the first overall pick in this year's draft, there is a belief that they would select Clingan, sources said. That is why they are attempting to move up in the draft, possibly making both their seventh and 14th overall picks available in order to do so.

8. San Antonio Spurs – SF/PF Tidjane Salaun – France (Cholet Basket – LNB)

The Spurs hold high interest in French forward Tidjane Salaun, sources said. Still 18 years old and not turning 19 until August, Salaun finds himself as one of the youngest players in the 2024 NBA Draft. At the same time, Salaun may just possess the most potential to turn into an everyday starter. Although he is still very raw, Salaun would provide an immediate boost in either forward position because of his length and defensive awareness.

A duo of Salaun and Wembanyama would be catastrophic for opposing teams to try and score over. Oh, and Salaun has cited Wembanyama, whom he has known for years, as an inspiration. Assuming he is on the board in this spot and not taken earlier by the Pistons or Blazers, Salaun is the obvious choice for the Spurs.

9. Memphis Grizzlies – PG/SG Devin Carter – Providence

Providence Friars guard Devin Carter (22) looks on against the Villanova Wildcats in the second half at Wells Fargo Center.
Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't surprising to see rumors out there implying that Devin Carter has received a promise in the lottery. The combo guard from Providence had a stellar showing at the NBA Draft Combine, and those performances have carried over to his pre-draft workouts. Scouts always have great things to say about Carter, and he would fit in with a gritty Memphis Grizzlies team that is looking to get back on the path to competing in the playoffs after injuries derailed their 2023-24 season. With Ja Morant coming off of shoulder surgery and Marcus Smart coming off of a finger injury, the Grizzlies could use an experienced 22-year-old guard who can not only contribute right away but still has room to grow as a two-way factor.

Not only would Carter be a good fit for the Grizzlies because of his ability to impact the game in multiple ways as a combo guard, but his father is currently an assistant on Taylor Jenkins' staff. Carter has multiple suitors in the lottery, which is why he could be a player that some teams look to trade up for on draft night.

10. Utah Jazz – PG Nikola Topic – Serbia (Crvena zvezda – Serbia)

Will Topic fall in the draft due to the recent news of his partially torn ACL? Several teams inside the top 10 of this year's draft remain interested in Topic, but in this NBA mock draft, he finds himself going to the Utah Jazz, an organization that is looking to solidify their backcourt moving forward. The Jazz have a wide range of players that they can consider with this 10th overall selection, especially in terms of talents on the wing. However, Topic brings size and playmaking to an organization that already has three smaller guards in its rotation. Topic could stand out immediately in Salt Lake City as a primary ball-handler that could allow Keyonte George to thrive as a combo guard that can be a scorer off the ball.

As teams await Topic's medical evaluation in the United States, there continues to be uncertainty regarding where the Serbian guard will ultimately end up. Expect the Jazz to be aggressive in this draft, as they could package the Nos. 29 and 32 picks in order to move up in the first round.

11. Chicago Bulls – PG Rob Dillingham – Kentucky

There have been zero indications suggesting that the Chicago Bulls are looking to rebuild and start over. DeMar DeRozan remains their priority ahead of free agency, and the Bulls are attempting to move into the top 10 of this year's draft, sources said. Although wings such as Ron Holland and Dalton Knecht stand out as possible targets for the Bulls, there has been talk that they are eyeing Clingan if they were to trade up in the draft. At this spot with the 11th pick, the Bulls should be able to solidify their backcourt next to Coby White for years to come with a player like Rob Dillingham. It looks likely that Chicago will be using this selection to address their backcourt, and Dillingham presents immediate upside given his natural scoring abilities.

While it is apparent that Zach LaVine is on the trade block, the Bulls have not shown much of a willingness to move on from Alex Caruso. This was also the case heading into the trade deadline, with numerous playoff-contending teams inquiring about Caruso's availability. The Bulls will be looking for long-term potential and natural scoring abilities in this draft. Dillingham presents them with an immediate secondary option to play through.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder – SF Cody Williams – Colorado

Colorado Buffaloes forward Cody Williams (10) looks on during the first half against the Marquette Golden Eagles at Gainbridge FieldHouse.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Williams' draft stock is all over the place as of late. Although he has drawn interest as high as the Pistons with the 5th overall pick, there are several teams outside the lottery that are preparing for Williams to possibly be available. Should he be available with this 12th overall selection, OKC will surely give Cody, the brother of current Thunder star Jalen Williams, a long look. Williams is still a very raw wing that won't necessarily be able to make an impact from Day 1 in the league. That is why there is some skepticism regarding Williams being a top-10 pick in the draft. Then again, Williams checks off the boxes for possibly being an elite-level two-way wing for many years to come.

The Thunder are likely to go after another wing or address their frontcourt next to Chet Holmgren in the draft. Some NBA mock drafts have Oklahoma City going after another guard, but the organization believes in Cason Wallace behind Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Drafting yet another guard in the first round would create a logjam of talent in their backcourt, the same situation that forced the team to trade Tre Mann to the Charlotte Hornets. Many around the league are wondering if Sam Presti and the Thunder have their eyes on a big man with this 12th overall pick. DaRon Holmes II isn't viewed by many as a lottery talent in this draft, but he has been extremely impressive in his workouts. Some are wondering if the Thunder have given a promise to Holmes, especially after he canceled workouts with teams.

13. Sacramento Kings – PG Jared McCain – Duke

With Malik Monk becoming a free agent and the Sacramento Kings needing to add more scoring weapons, Jared McCain would be a very attractive name on the board at 13th overall. Not only could McCain replicate Monk's scoring production from the perimeter, but he gives the Kings another primary ball handler who is confident enough in his abilities to lead their offense when De'Aaron Fox is not on the court. McCain is one of the best three-point shooters in this draft, which presents the Kings with immediate upside on the perimeter next to Kevin Huerter and Keegan Murray.

There are numerous directions the Kings could go with this selection, including possibly trading down in the draft, where more experienced options will present themselves. Quite a few teams are looking for ways to move into the back end of the lottery, which is why the Kings could possibly move out of this spot.

14. Portland Trail Blazers – SG/SF Dalton Knecht – Tennessee

Tennessee guard Dalton Knecht (3) scores on the transition in the second half of the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight college basketball game against Purdue at Little Caesars Arena
Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

It would be somewhat surprising to see Dalton Knecht fall to the final pick in the lottery seeing as he has drawn interest from teams inside the top 10. However, if Topic and Holland are not on the board in this spot and Carter ends up being a top 10 pick, as many are expecting at this juncture, Knecht will likely be on the board for teams in the 10-15 range of the draft. This would be yet another great selection for the Blazers after securing Holland earlier in this NBA mock draft. Knecht is one of the more experienced collegiate players near the top of the draft board that presents an immediate source of scoring at the shooting guard and small forward positions.

The Blazers recently hosted Knecht for a pre-draft workout and have shown interest in him throughout the pre-draft process. It is not hard to believe that he is one of the few players they are considering with one of their two lottery picks. Perhaps the script could be flipped and the Blazers could still end up with Holland and Knecht, swapping spots at No. 7 and No. 14 overall. Portland, sources said, is interested in packaging their two first-round picks in order to move up in the draft. If they do so to possibly draft Alex Sarr or Donovan Clingan, both Deandre Ayton and Robert Williams III will become prominent veterans in offseason trade chatter.

15. Miami Heat – C Kel'el Ware – Indiana

The Miami Heat have the luxury of seeing which talents fall out of the lottery in this year's draft. While it is possible that they could end up with a player like Holland or McCain, addressing their big man situation next to Bam Adebayo must be a point of emphasis either in the NBA Draft or in free agency. Kel'el Ware is a solid pick-and-roll player who can provide immediate production as a shot blocker. Just under 7'0″ with a 7'4″ wingspan, Ware would give the Heat the size and length they have been lacking through the years in their frontcourt outside of Adebayo. The Heat are also eyeing Cody Williams should he fall out of the lottery.

16. Philadelphia 76ers – PG Isaiah Collier – USC

This 16th overall pick is being targeted by teams that are looking to move up in the first round of the NBA Draft. The Philadelphia 76ers could hold on to this selection, but the belief around the league is that the Sixers will leverage this pick in attempts to land a move established talent to put next to Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid. In the event that they keep the pick, taking Isaiah Collier would be a smart move for Philadelphia. Collier has slid down some draft boards lately due to his underwhelming shooting abilities, yet he can still be an impactful backup guard early on in his career due to his shiftiness and playmaking abilities. The 76ers need guards behind Maxey that aren't afraid to use their body in order to score at the rim.

17. Los Angeles Lakers – C Zach Edey – Purdue

Purdue Boilermakers center Zach Edey (15) and Connecticut Huskies center Donovan Clingan (32) fight for a rebound during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Championship, Monday, April 8, 2024, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.
Grace Hollars/IndyStar /USA TODAY NETWORK

What are the Los Angeles Lakers going to do this offseason? Like the Sixers, they could very much consider the aspect of trading this pick to get an established name next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Then again, a player like Zach Edey could make a lot of sense for Los Angeles, seeing as they have always wanted to have a true center next to Davis in the frontcourt. Edey excels in pick-and-roll sets, and would create an enormous frontcourt pairing with Davis. While Lakers fans may find a way to complain about this pick, Edey in Los Angeles truly seems like a great scenario due to his presence in the paint. As far as win-now guys go in this spot at 17th overall, Edey is one of the only players who can truly impact winning from his very first day in the league.

18. Orlando Magic – SG Ja'Kobe Walter – Baylor

There are a handful of teams showing interest in Ja'Kobe Walter during the pre-draft process. The Orlando Magic are one of those teams. Walter is a really strong three-point shooter on the wing who has shown flashes of what he can do defensively. With a 6'10” wingspan and solid lateral quickness, Walter could easily fit in with a defensive-minded Magic team that is looking to upgrade their perimeter shooting this summer. The good news is that Walter still has room to grow and is nowhere near a finished product. This would be a safe and smart pick for the Magic in this spot.

19. Toronto Raptors – SG/SF Johnny Furphy – Kansas

A team has likely given Johnny Furphy a promise in the first round. The question now is: which team promises to take Furphy? It was a little surprising to see Furphy keep his name in the draft instead of returning to Kansas, simply because he doesn't appear to be a prospect who is ready to contribute on a daily basis in the NBA. With that said, that doesn't mean the 19-year-old can't grow into a productive shooter on the wing. The Toronto Raptors were one of the worst perimeter-scoring teams in the league this past season. Pairing Furphy with Gradey Dick, another Kansas alum, gives the Raptors two dependable shooting weapons to integrate into their core group. Funny enough, nobody around the league has any inclination as to what Masai Ujiri and the Raptors' front office have planned with this 19th pick.

20. Cleveland Cavaliers – SF/PF Tristan da Silva – Colorado

Colorado Buffaloes forward Tristan da Silva (23) celebrates after making a play against the Washington State Cougars during the second half at T-Mobile Arena.
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

If they are to potentially move on from Darius Garland in the offseason, then targeting another guard to pair with Donovan Mitchell could make the most sense for the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, assuming Koby Altman's words come true and the organization holds onto their core group, bringing in an established player like Tristan da Silva would be advantageous to the Cavs. Da Silva evolved from a guy sitting on the end of the bench to a player-of-the-year type of talent. He is a very sound and smart player, as well as one who can shoot from virtually anywhere beyond the three-point line. The Cavs would be very satisfied with the two-way production of da Silva.

21. New Orleans Pelicans – PG Carlton Carrington – Pittsburgh

What the New Orleans Pelicans decide to do with Brandon Ingram this offseason will be very telling as to what the future holds for them. With Jonas Valanciunas being a free agent, targeting a big man like Yves Missi or Kyle Filipowski would make sense for the Pelicans. But in this spot, with Carlton Carrington still on the board, the Pelicans can add an offensive weapon next to CJ McCollum in their backcourt. Outside of their core group, the Pelicans have had trouble finding offensive production from their bench unit. Carrington gives the Pels another sturdy ball handler who isn't afraid to hunt his own shots, with Dyson Daniels' future being uncertain.

Keep an eye on the Pelicans in this draft, as they hold interest in Ron Holland, sources said. If Ingram is available in trade talks leading up to the NBA Draft, the Jazz could potentially be a team interested in swinging a deal with the Pelicans.

22. Phoenix Suns – C Yves Missi – Baylor

Yves Missi, Kyle Filipowski, and Tyler Kolek are the three players that make the most sense for the Phoenix Suns at 22nd overall, if they keep this pick. Rival executives believe the Suns bringing in Bronny James for a workout recently was more gamesmanship than actual interest in LeBron James' son. It is expected that the Suns will make Jusuf Nurkic available in trade talks this offseason, which is why Phoenix will need to address their frontcourt. Missi is a vertical center that has the chance to grow into the best rim protector in this draft class. When you have Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal, having a center like Missi who can create second-chance scoring opportunities and clean things up on the interior is advantageous.

23. Milwaukee Bucks – SF/PF Bobi Klintman Sweden (Cairns Taipans – NBL)

If there is one thing the Milwaukee Bucks need, it is versatility on the wing behind Khris Middleton. Bobi Klintman is an athletic and versatile two-way forward who decided to play in the NBL this past year after withdrawing from the 2023 NBA Draft. There, Klintman evolved into a slashing wing who has shown flashes of his three-point potential. The best thing about Klintman is that he could potentially play both the small forward and power forward positions in the NBA, allowing the Bucks to experiment with rotations where Giannis Antetokounmpo is the center. This would be a great spot for Klintman to not only develop further but also learn from another versatile and athletic forward like Giannis.

24. New York Knicks – PG Tyler Kolek – Marquette 

Marquette Golden Eagles guard Tyler Kolek (11) dribbles against the Colorado Buffaloes during the first half at Gainbridge FieldHouse.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There is no reliable playmaker in the New York Knicks' backcourt behind Jalen Brunson. Tyler Kolek is not only one of the best primary ball-handlers in this draft class, but he is everything teams are looking for in a backup point guard nowadays. In all honesty, Kolek is a lot like TJ McConnell in the sense that McConnell does a little bit of everything coming off the bench for the Indiana Pacers. Kolek can shoot, he can rack up assists, and he has great instincts on defense. The Knicks would be smart to address their backcourt with one of their two picks here.

25. New York Knicks – SF Ryan Dunn – Virginia

As of right now, there are no indications that the Knicks are actively looking to move on from both of their late-first-round picks. The Knicks can really go anywhere here in the first round, as there is the option of drafting younger talents who they could develop for the future. There is also the option of finding diamonds in the rough that fell in the first round. Whatever the case may be, Ryan Dunn is a player on New York's radar because of his defensive versatility and on-ball abilities. If his three-point shot can come around, Dunn will be one of the best players in this draft. The Knicks could use another wing on their bench, which makes Dunn worth the risk.

26. Washington Wizards – SG Kyshawn George – Miami (FL)

Kyshawn George has a very wide range, from teams picking in the lottery to teams at the end of the first round. Possessing a 6'10” wingspan and the shooting abilities he has, George is certainly an intriguing shooting guard. Whichever team takes George will need to focus on his development as off-the-ball pertaining to spacing on the floor. The Wizards are in no rush right now and can fully focus on the development of their young core. George would present immediate secondary scoring upside for Washington.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves – SG Baylor Scheierman – Creighton

Baylor Scheierman (84) scores over KJ Simpson (58) during the 2024 NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Scheierman is one of the most underrated players in the 2024 NBA Draft due to his all-around offensive game. Not only is he an elite-level shooting threat, but Scheierman is a much better playmaker with the ball in his hands than many tend to give him credit for. He can also impact the game as a rebounder, similar to how Donte DiVincenzo has evolved into a terrific rebounding shooting guard. The Minnesota Timberwolves could use secondary playmakers and shooting threats next to Anthony Edwards. Scheierman's size and spacing abilities on the wing make him an intriguing fit for Minnesota.

28. Denver Nuggets – SG/SF Jaylon Tyson – California

Every year, the Denver Nuggets tend to target older, more experienced collegiate players who many have overlooked throughout the pre-draft process. That is why we should look no further than Jaylon Tyson being their pick here with the 28th overall selection. While the Nuggets do have a need for some frontcourt help, an area they could look to improve in behind Nikola Jokic with Filipowski and Holmes on the board, Tyson provides another do-it-all type of player for Denver. Tyson has a similar mold to Bruce Brown, a player the Nuggets utilized in many different ways due to his defensive versatility and secondary playmaking abilities. In Denver, Tyson would be utilized as a hybrid wing who can create space on offense by cutting and slashing to the rim.

29. Utah Jazz – PF/C Kyle Filipowski – Duke

The only way Kyle Filipowski falls to the end of the first round is if the Suns pass on him, and teams picking right after the lottery focus on the wing. The Jazz would be more than thrilled to add Filipowski to their frontcourt, next to Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler. Filipowski has strong post instincts, and he is a better passer than many give him credit for. At 20 years old, he fits the mold of a younger player the Jazz can continue to develop, and he is ready to contribute right away off the bench. The Duke product should be a serviceable power forward in the NBA for many years to come.

30. Boston Celtics – PF/C DaRon Holmes II – Dayton

Dayton Flyers forward DaRon Holmes II (15) gets fouled by Fordham forward Elijah Gray (12) during the game at University of Dayton Arena.
Matt Lunsford-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of chatter that DaRon Holmes II has picked up a promise after canceling his workouts. However, why would he lock himself into being selected by a team at the end of the first round instead of trying to improve his stock and work his way up into the lottery? That is why there have been whispers that a top-15 team in the NBA Draft has promised Holmes. Until there is more clarity on this, we have Holmes going to the Boston Celtics. In Boston, Holmes' length would be utilized behind Kristaps Porzingis and Al Horford. Plus, Holmes has proven to be a strong pick-and-pop shooter during his pre-draft workouts. This would be a great pick for the Celtics, but it truly seems like Holmes won't be on the board here.

2024 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Picks No. 31-58

31. Toronto Raptors – PF/C Ulrich Chomche – Cameroon (Basketball Africa League)

Ulrich Chomche is rising up the draft boards. Standing 6'10” with a 7'4″ wingspan, Chomche has the intangibles to be a terrific defensive big man in the NBA. Just 18 years old, he would be a young prospect the Raptors look to develop into their next Pascal Siakam-like power forward.

32. Utah Jazz – SG/SF Justin Edwards – Kentucky

Once thought to be a potential lottery pick, Justin Edwards is likely to be an early second-round selection. At the combine, Edwards showcased his abilities to impact scoring both inside and outside the arc. Any team, like the Jazz, that can spend time developing his offensive game will like what they see in Edwards.

33. Milwaukee Bucks – SG/SF Kevin McCullar – Kansas

Kansas graduate senior guard Kevin McCullar Jr. (15) reacts after sinking a three against Kansas State in the first half of the Sunflower Showdown inside Allen Fieldhouse
Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Kevin McCullar has slipped to the second round due to a variety of teams being concerned with his medicals. While he has first-round talent, McCullar's knee injury, which ended his senior season at Kansas, has carried over to his ability to perform during the pre-draft process. When healthy, he can be a rotational two-way wing.

34. Portland Trail Blazers – PF Tyler Smith – G League Ignite

Tyler Smith could go anywhere from 20-40 in this year's draft, depending on which team is willing to devote time to his overall development. There are some slight concerns about the 19-year-old's overall impact early on in his career as a forward, which is why there has been a slight drop in value. Still, Smith's shooting skills have drawn the attention of various teams with late-first-round picks.

35. San Antonio Spurs – SG Pacôme Dadiet – France (Ratiopharm Ulm – Bundesliga)

Another high-upside player who is expected to be a second-round pick is Pacome Dadiet from France. Dadiet has presented a lot of potential as a perimeter scorer at the shooting guard position, and still has a lot of room for growth. The Spurs would certainly benefit from taking a swing at him as a developmental prospect.

36. Indiana Pacers – SF Harrison Ingram – North Carolina

Harrison Ingram is a really steady player in the NBA Draft. He is one of the better rebounding forwards, and can be a secondary playmaker alongside solid guard play. Ingram should be a solid rotational player given his 7'0″ wingspan and defensive instincts.

37. Minnesota Timberwolves – SG AJ Johnson – USA (Illawarra Hawks – NBL)

While they don't necessarily need another shooting guard, AJ Johnson would give the Timberwolves first-round value and potential in a second-round pick. Johnson thrived and rose up the draft boards with his scrimmage performances at the NBA Draft Combine last month, and there are murmurs about Johnson being one of the better two-way players available in the second round. Johnson could just be the perfect fit next to Anthony Edwards.

38. New York Knicks – SG/SF Nikola Djurisic – Serbia (KK Mega Basket – ABA)

Already grabbing two established players in Tyler Kolek and Ryan Dunn, the Knicks can now focus on a potential draft-and-stash option in Nikola Djurisic. The Serbian wing is confident as a playmaker with the ball in his hands, and he has displayed strong shooting confidence overseas. Djurisic's size is appealing for teams in need of a wing in the second round.

39. Memphis Grizzlies – C Adem Bona – UCLA

The Grizzlies need a big man. If they are unable to trade up for Donovan Clingan, Adem Bona in the second round is not a bad option, seeing as he is comparable to Xavier Tillman Sr., who found success in Memphis before being traded to the Celtics. Bona is a strong big man who tends to play well in pick-and-roll sets, as well as in the paint as a rebounder on both sides of the court.

40. Portland Trail Blazers – SF Dillon Jones – Weber State

The Trail Blazers once selected a player named Damian Lillard from Weber State. Dillon Jones is by no means the next Lillard, but he is a versatile forward who is comfortable bringing the ball up the floor in order to initiate his team's offense. Any team looking for an experienced college player on the wing who can do a little bit of everything will want to target Jones.

41. Philadelphia 76ers – SG Terrence Shannon Jr. – Illinois

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Terrence Shannon Jr. currently faces a felony rape trial. What happens in this trial will decide his fate ahead of the NBA Draft. From a basketball perspective, Shannon is an athletic shooting guard who has a similar style of play to that of Kelly Oubre Jr. in terms of getting to the paint from the perimeter. The 76ers need a scorer who can create shots for themselves in their second unit, hence why Shannon would be a value pick for them in this spot from a talent perspective.

More information on Shannon's trial will be provided throughout the pre-draft process. 

42. Charlotte Hornets – SG Cam Christie – Minnesota

The brother of Lakers guard Max Christie, Cam Christie made a name for himself during his freshman season at Minnesota by being a lengthy wing with upside as a shooter. Christie's two-way potential on the wing makes him an option for a Hornets team lacking defensive intensity.

43. Miami Heat – PG KJ Simpson – Colorado

KJ Simpson has drawn attention from teams near the end of the first round after his stellar performances at the NBA Draft Combine. The 21-year-old can get past defenders while driving to the rim, and he is just a very smart player when he has the ball in his hands. If that doesn't sound like a guard Erik Spoelstra would love to have, I don't know what does!

44. Houston Rockets – SF/PF Keshad Johnson – Arizona

The Rockets are looking to make a serious playoff push next season. Keshad Johnson wouldn't enter the league as a starter, but he is a bigger forward who uses his stature to his advantage, especially in the paint. He would be a solid rotational player in Ime Udoka's system.

45. Sacramento Kings – SG/SF Trentyn Flowers – USA (Adelaide 36ers – NBL)

There is a lot of momentum surrounding Trentyn Flowers right now, and there are various teams interested in taking a swing at him in the second round. He recently conducted a workout with the Kings, and it would make sense for Sacramento to target Flowers given his playmaking abilities on the wing. While he will need time to develop in the G League, Flowers is certainly the type of player that could work wonders on the wing for the Kings.

46. Los Angeles Clippers – PF Jonathan Mogbo – San Francisco

Expect to hear Jonathan Mogbo's name called during the second round of the 2024 NBA Draft. At the combine, Mogbo proved to be a skilled forward who could initiate his team's offense while also being a focal point on defense. The Clippers are always looking for athletes with length, and that is what they would be getting in a power forward like Mogbo.

47. Orlando Magic – PG/SG Ajay Mitchell – UC Santa Barbara

With Markelle Fultz being a free agent, Ajay Mitchell could possibly replace him in Orlando. Mitchell is a poised playmaker who can be a combo guard for the Magic next to Jalen Suggs and others. His athletic abilities and quick first step make him the ideal fit for a defensive-minded team like the Magic.

48. San Antonio Spurs – PG Jamal Shead – Houston

The Spurs have already added young, high-potential players in this NBA mock draft. Now, they can grab Jamal Shead in the second round to provide stability and gritty play in their backcourt. Shead is a relentless scorer and playmaker who doesn't back down to anyone. He would be the ideal mold for a Gregg Popovich point guard.

49. Indiana Pacers – SG Melvin Ajinca – France (Saint-Quentin – LNB)

Melvin Ajinca has drawn the attention of scouts due to his three-point presence. Teams will view him as a 3-and-D prospect in the second round of the NBA Draft, making him a potential stash player for the Pacers on the wing.

50. Indiana Pacers – SG Cam Spencer – UConn

Connecticut Huskies guard Cam Spencer (12) reacts against the Illinois Fighting Illini in the finals of the East Regional of the 2024 NCAA Tournament at TD Garden.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Spencer is a winner. After helping lead UConn to their second straight national championship, Spencer would bring confidence and a winning mentality to a young, hungry Pacers team. Much like how they drafted Ben Sheppard last year for his shooting abilities and character, the Pacers would do the same here with Spencer.

51. Washington Wizards – PF Izan Almansa – G League Ignite

Izan Almansa has had trouble sticking out during the pre-draft process. However, he's still 18 years old and has a lot of room to grow into a great rebounder and interior scorer. The Wizards are rebuilding and have time to devote to a player like Almansa, who was viewed as a first-round prospect before he joined the G League Ignite.

52. Golden State Warriors – C Oso Ighodaro – Marquette

Oso Ighodaro may be one of the best defensive big men in this draft class. He has a strong sense for moving off the ball, and on offense, Ighodaro can finish with ease around the rim. The Golden State Warriors may be ready to move on from Kevon Looney, which is why bringing in Ighodaro to play next to Trayce Jackson-Davis in the frontcourt makes sense.

53. Detroit Pistons – SF Jalen Bridges -Baylor

At Baylor, Jalen Bridges displayed his brilliance as an on-ball defender who is very smart with his decision-making. Offensively, Bridges shot 41.2 percent from deep during his senior season. The Pistons need shooting, so why not take Bridges here?

54. Boston Celtics – PG Tristan Newton – UConn

Tristan Newton is going to be a versatile guard that many teams in the second round consider taking, especially if he's willing to play the 2024-25 season on a two-way contract. The fact of the matter is that Newton is a very confident player who does what it takes to win. This should resonate with a team like the Celtics, who could use an extra player in their backcourt for depth.

55. Los Angeles Lakers – PG Bronny James – USC

Bronny James
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

All indications point towards the Lakers ending up with Bronny James in the second round. There have been whispers that even though Rich Paul has shown a willingness to have Bronny work out for a few teams, there are many who are skeptical about their true intentions. That is why there is a belief that Bronny, or Paul, doesn't want to play for any team that isn't willing to take him in the first round. Hence, this is why the Lakers at the end of the draft are viewed as the most likely scenario. If Bronny falls to the second round, his camp wants him in Los Angeles, sources said. The idea of trying to get Bronny into the first round is to simply create real draft interest in him when there isn't much to begin with.

56. Denver Nuggets – PF Enrique Freeman – Akron

Enrique Freeman has gone from an undrafted-projected player to someone who should undoubtedly be a second-round pick after his combine performances. The Nuggets need some frontcourt help, and Freeman has some similar traits to that of Aaron Gordon in regards to his strength inside the paint. Freeman could end up being one of the best second-round prospects during the 2024-25 season.

57. Memphis Grizzlies – SG Antonio Reeves – Kentucky

While he will likely spend a lot of time in the G League during his rookie season, Antonio Reeves finds himself as one of the better scoring weapons available in the second round. The Grizzlies could use more scoring options on their bench, hence the fit for Reeves in this spot at the end of the draft, especially on a two-way contract.

58. Dallas Mavericks – PG Juan Nunez – Spain (Ratiopharm Ulm – Bundesliga)

Juan Nunez is a really solid playmaker who can be a serviceable backup point guard in the NBA. Whether or not he is a draft-and-stash guy or someone who comes over right away is yet to be known. The Dallas Mavericks are going to need to consider building some depth behind Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving in the backcourt, making Nunez an experienced international player who could come over within the next few years to provide stability and leadership on the bench.