Dennis Schroder had a really solid season for the Los Angeles Lakers. He both came off the bench and started, and was a pivotal part of the Lakers postseason run into the Western Conference Finals. Schroder was the primary defender on opposing teams' best guards, wreaking havoc against the likes of Ja Morant and Stephen Curry before the entire Denver Nuggets team got the best of the Lakers in the WCF. With the Lakers offseason underway, Dennis Schroder now looks ahead to NBA free agency and where his future might lie. Although staying with the Lakers would be a good fit for Schroder, there are two other potential destinations that make sense in NBA free agency: the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks.

The Lakers are looking to maintain much of their core from this season in order to make another NBA Finals bid next year, and Schroder could be a part of that. It would be no surprise if he stays in Los Angeles, although if the chips fall elsewhere, both the Bulls and Mavericks would be good fits for him; both teams can be contenders if they play up to their potential, and Schroder could carve out significant roles on both rosters competing for the postseason. If Schroder had the choice, he would most likely want to stay in Los Angeles, but the Lakers need to be willing to give him the money he wants. The Bulls and Mavericks might be able to provide a better bang for his buck if the Lakers do not work out. Regardless, here is why the Lakers, Bulls and Mavericks are the three top destinations for Dennis Schroder in NBA free agency.

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1. Los Angeles Lakers

Staying with the Lakers is probably the most ideal scenario for Dennis Schroder. He was a perfect complement to this roster, especially LeBron James and the other more proficient scoring guards on the team. Tenacious defense and pesky playmaking ability from Schroder fit into the identity that the Lakers crafted in the second half of the season, and it allowed him to earn the trust of James and Anthony Davis. Not to mention, Schroder is more than capable of creating his own bucket when not a primary option, something that will be the case if he stays with the Lakers. Both Schroder and the Lakers seemed to like each other, so staying with the Lakers in NBA free agency makes a lot of sense.

One thing that could cause some issues here is the money the Lakers will be trying to give Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura. If both of them get the contracts they want, the Lakers will be much more particular with the rest of their contracts. D'Angelo Russell is also looking to get paid, so this will put Dennis Schroder in a precarious position. Although the Lakers are a great fit for him, the financials just might not work out. In the end, expect some lengthy discussions between both parties once NBA free agency begins.

2. Chicago Bulls

Dennis Schroder fits the defensive identity on the Bulls to a tee. The Bulls specialty last season was perimeter defense, as guys like Alex Caruso and Patrick Beverley were menaces against opposing teams' guards. Schroder could come in and be a part of this immediately, especially because of his unselfish brand of basketball that the Bulls would want out of their point guards. Scoring on the Bulls comes from Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan, so Schroder could come in and prioritize his role right away.

Besides the defensive mentality that Schroder possesses, he could also earn starting minutes in Chicago. The career of Lonzo Ball is in jeopardy, and it might be time for the Bulls to move on completely from any hope of him returning to the player he was once supposed to be for them. Dennis Schroder would allow the Bulls to maintain a similar style of play that they would have had with Ball, plus they would actually have a point guard that is available. It would be a win-win for both sides, as Schroder would see his playing time grow while the Bulls would get their playmaking and defensive guard they want. Once NBA free agency begins, the Bulls and Dennis Schroder should meet for a conversation.

3. Dallas Mavericks

Kyrie Irving is the priority for the Dallas Mavericks this offseason, retaining the most lethal scoring backcourt in the NBA with Luka Doncic. The one problem with this backcourt is the fact it is a huge defensive liability on a team that had the worst defense in the NBA last season. In comes Dennis Schroder, a defensive specialist on the perimeter who can still hold his own with the ball. Schroder would be a perfect blend for the Mavericks in order to maximize the time that Irving and Doncic are on the floor; neither would be expected to up their defensive game because Schroder could come in when the perimeter defense needs to step up.

In general, the Mavericks were an absolute mess last season albeit the elite scoring production from Irving and Doncic. Schroder would provide a veteran presence and tenacity that the Mavericks don't have right now. This is a big reason that the Mavericks are so bad defensively is because opposing teams simply believe they can score on them at will; Schroder would give the Mavs a guard that takes defense seriously, and thus helps them avoid the too many high scoring affairs from last season. If the Mavericks do their due diligence this offseason, they will get a meeting with Dennis Schroder in NBA free agency.