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Cam Reddish

3 Bold Predictions for Cam Reddish in his rookie season with the Hawks

Cam Reddish was a key player to Duke last season, doing everything from knocking down clutch shots to providing a supreme third scoring option for the Blue Devils. Sure, Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, were the two of the five-best Division I players, but Reddish was the unsung hero.

He’s a great athlete who shoots the ball at a high clip, two things many teams were looking for in this draft. Yet, he somehow managed to slip down to the 10th pick, where the Atlanta Hawks didn’t hesitate to snag him.

As he begins his NBA career, Reddish will be joining one of the younger teams in the NBA with Trae Young, John Collins, and Kevin Heurter. Although he may share time with Heurter, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the two on the court together. It’ll be a fun season for Hawks fans, even if their team doesn’t win a bunch. Why? Simply put: this team has one of the brightest futures, and their draft opened the door even more.

Here are three bold predictions for Cam Reddish’s rookie season down in the ATL.

He will average 15 points per game after the All-Star Break

Yes, I know… He didn’t even average that at Duke. However, he also didn’t have a great shot selection there either, which explains his 36% from the field (33% from three). It was the Zion Show and Reddish would get the ball whenever Williamson or Barrett didn’t find a suitable shot, which was seldom.

In this Hawks system designed for ball movement and floor spacing, Reddish could be a solid scoring option for Lloyd Pierce’s offense. With one of the best passers in the league in Trae Young, the rookie is bound to find more scoring opportunities, and more importantly, more efficient ones.

His game translates well to the NBA and while it may not happen as quickly as Hawks fans may want, Reddish will learn how to play with the best of the best in NBA before the season’s over.

He will be a fan favorite along with his teammate, Trae Young

When the Hawks selected him, NBA Twitter couldn’t read all of the fans’ thoughts quick enough. They already love him and he hasn’t even played a game in the league yet. One thing I love about Reddish is that he’s never been an outspoken kid, and you’ve never seen him in the news for doing anything wrong. As a young man in the NBA, it’s important to stay focused and ignore distractions.

His personality is quiet, something downtown Atlanta isn’t used to with such a big city. What’s more, the city of Atlanta has long awaited for their franchise to get back to the top. His performance on the court this year will allow him to gain off-court popularity.

When Trae Young was drafted, he praised the city of Atlanta for welcoming him in so kindly last season. Reddish will be no different.

He will lead the Hawks in steals

Although he struggled to be efficient offensively, his defense is what got so much praise throughout the year. Due to this freakish wingspan, he’s able to defend multiple positions; and defend them well for that matter. That 7’1 wingspan allowed him to collect 1.6 steals per game while at Duke–many of which led to fastbreak dunks for himself.

He’s quick, and moves his feet well, giving his opponents trouble in on-ball defensive situations. Moreover, his active hands will cause his matchups to work for every bucket they get on him. They also give me optimism that he’ll be able to defend both guards and forwards at the next level.

Sure, his 1.6 steals were average in the NCAA, but his hustle and hard work give me hope in his potential as a two-way player. With the Hawks struggling on the defensive end last season, Reddish’s presence in the backcourt should bring hope to Atlanta.