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3 bold predictions for the New England Patriots in Week 3 vs. Jets

The New England Patriots have started the year 2-0 with two absolutely dominant victories. Now they head into Week 3 with an AFC divisional matchup against the New York Jets.

The Jets are 0-2 and look hapless at the moment, and they don’t have their starting quarterback in Sam Darnold.

With all that in mind, it’s safe to assume the Patriots will win this game pretty easily. What exactly will go down though?

Here are three bold predictions for the Patriots in their Week 3 matchup with the Jets.

Defensive Touchdown


The Patriots defense has been nuts so far. Sure, argue that they played the Miami Dolphins in Week 2. Still, they’ve given up a combined three points in two games (they played the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1). They also scored two defensive touchdowns last week.

The Jets offense isn’t going to pose much of a threat either. They have some nice pieces (Le’Veon Bell and Jamison Crowder stand out), but also a lot of issues. Of course, QB is the biggest one as both Darnold and the backup Trevor Siemian won’t be appearing in this game.

The Patriots don’t hold back and play with a fire all game. At some point the Jets will slip up. In fact, it will probably happen a few times. New England will create a few turnovers and will be taking one of those to the house.

Sony Michel Scores Multiple TDs

Sony Michel: 3 last-minute predictions for the Patriots running back

The Patriots are going to run the ball a decent amount. This likely won’t be a close game, one they could have wrapped up around halftime.

Once that happens, there’s no real reason to be throwing the ball much anymore. Keeping Tom Brady healthy should be a priority.

Due to that, Sony Michael should get a lot of carries. He did last week and capitalized with a touchdown. He very easily could’ve had two, but the Patriots decided to call Brady’s number for a QB sneak to score once.

Michael will be getting a lot of chances again this week and this time he’ll find pay dirt twice.

Josh Gordon Scores a Touchdown

Antonio Brown looked really solid in his Patriots debut, as the controversial receiver reeled in four catches for 56 yards and one touchdown.

Things have changed pretty quickly though. After being with the team for just one game, Brown’s been released. That puts Gordon back in a position that he should thrive heavily in.

Now that Gordon’s back to being the main receiver on the outside, he’s going to get fed pretty heavily. Remember how good he looked in Week 1? He reeled in three receptions for 73 yards and a touchdown.

He’s back in the driver’s seat and will take full advantage against the Jets.