The NBA Trade Deadline is coming up in the next few months and the Brooklyn Nets are once again going to look to add some guys just like they did a year ago.

When a title contender has an opportunity to get better, they're always going to do so. Brooklyn has shown throughout the past two years that they will do everything they possibly can to bring in immediate impact players to help them win a championship.

In order for the Nets to make the moves that they are going to want to, they're going to have to trade some guys. There are a few interesting names that they could decide to move on from who are on some interesting contracts. Let's take a look at three guys that the Nets should think about trading at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Nets NBA Trade Deadline

3. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is a player who Brooklyn brought in to be a veteran and help them on the defensive side of things while also stretching the floor. He simply has not done that in his time here and that has resulted in him not getting any playing time.

It's time that the Nets decide to move away from Griffin and try to go get somebody who can either defend or stretch the floor. It would be the best of both words if they can somehow get both in one guy, but it would be unlikely that a team would let go of a three-and-d type of player for an older Blake Griffin. He has had some success in a Nets jersey as last year against the Milwaukee Bucks, he was one of the main reasons why Brooklyn competed in that series. Obviously, Kevin Durant was awesome which is to be expected but what Griffin was able to do by hitting some open shots, and rebounding, and just having that different type of mentality that he has to frustrate guys certainly helped.

He is making almost two million dollars, so there should be somebody out there who they can go get. Perhaps a guy like Bryn Forbes from the San Antonio Spurs, or someone else who kind of fits that same Forbes role.

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2. Joe Harris

This might sound crazy, but is Joe Harris really worth $17 million for three years? Patty Mills is doing the exact same thing that Harris was supposed to do, but at a much higher rate. Factor in that he also is not healthy at the moment and he had an embarrassing playoff series which was the reason why Brooklyn lost a season ago, and it might be time to think about moving him. They could potentially get a great return for him in which they could find themselves an elite rim protector who they severely need and somebody who could stretch the floor. It could be the perfect scenario to move him and Brooklyn needs to seriously think about doing it.

With how well Patty Mills has played this season, there is really no reason to have Joe Harris out there. He's a liability on defense and without having Kyrie Irving on the floor, they need someone else who can score at a high level. Harris is really just a catch-and-shoot three-point guy and certainly shouldn't be making nearly $20 million in three years.

1. Kyrie Irving

Moving Kyrie Irving should be the biggest priority for the Nets, and it reportedly has been. It seems as if Sean Marks has been doing everything he can to make sure that Kyrie is out of Brooklyn.

When Kyrie is on the court, there is no denying his talent. The guy has shiftiness, a three-point shot, gets to the rim at will, and find open teammates. He is essentially everything that a point guard would want to be in the NBA. The unfortunate part about Kyrie is that he is a bit of a locker room cancer and with a team who wants to win an NBA title, they need to get him out of there. Brooklyn cannot have any distractions come playoff time and unless Kyrie is going to get vaccinated, and follow all the rules that are going to come with that, there's no reason for him to be there anymore.

The issue is, not many teams are going to want to deal with Irving and that could be a major issue. He is making about $18 million so he could get a star player back in his deal. Brooklyn needs to seriously think about moving him and they need to do it as soon as possible. As crazy as it might sound, Ben Simmons might actually be a good move if Philadelphia does want to go that route. Simmons is clearly not the player that Kyrie is, but with Kyrie's antics, it might be time to let him go.