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3 reasons Jacob Eason would be a perfect pick for the Patriots at No. 23

Tom Brady isn’t going to play forever, and it would make a lot of sense for the New England Patriots to target Jacob Eason with their 23rd overall pick. All the talk heading into the draft is surrounding Tua Tagovailoa, Joe Burrow, and Justin Herbert, but people seem to be forgetting about Eason.

There are a lot of options for who the Patriots could select with their first-round selection, but Eason makes a lot of sense, let’s breakdown three reasons why.

Jacob Eason is better than Jordan Love

Tagovailoa, Burrow, and Herbert will probably be all gone by the time the Patriots select, so the decision could come down to Jacob Eason or Utah State standout Jordan Love.

These two players are pretty similar, but there is one glaring stat that shows which player is actually better. Love threw for more yards, but Eason threw for more touchdowns.

The one big glaring difference was with the turnovers. During the 2019 season, Eason did a good job taking care of the ball throwing only eight interceptions. Love struggled not giving the ball away, throwing 17 interceptions.

If Love struggled with interceptions in college, how much will he struggle with them in the NFL? Eason is the obvious choice for the Patriots with their first-round selection.

Might need some time to develop, but it will happen

Even though both sides aren’t talking a lot, all signs are pointing towards Tom Brady returning to Foxbourgh for at least one season. The Patriots will probably not need Eason which will give him some time to adjust to the NFL.

If the Patriots needed a quarterback who could start day one, Love might make more sense, but Eason has the higher ceiling. If the team can be patient with him, he will turn into a better play.

Cannon for an arm

The last few years Brady’s arm hasn’t looked as strong, but that isn’t a concern with Eason. He is good in the short and immediate game, but the long ball is what has all the scouts impressed. Not only can he throw the ball a long way, but he is also very accurate with the passes.

Even down the field, he can thread the ball into a tight window. If the Patriots can get a speed guy to pair with Eason they could have a similar connection to what Brady and Randy Moss had for a couple of years in Foxbourgh.