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3 reasons why Tyler Herro needs to be your next NBA rookie card investment

Most people didn’t expect Tyler Herro to make quite the impact he did as a rookie when last season started. The 13th pick from the 2019 NBA Draft played a bench role and provided extra offense when the Miami Heat needed it. 

Sure, there were some amazing clutch moments and captivating games for Herro in the regular season, but keep in mind that this was the time when Ja Morant kept posterizing players with his glorious dunks and the hype around Zion Williamson was at insane levels. As a result, Herro was in limbo when it came to top rookie prospects in the card community.

That all changed when the postseason started in Orlando. The bubble proved to be the perfect opportunity for Herro to ball out. With consecutive series against the Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Lakers, Herro surprised the world with his offensive prowess and insane confidence on the court. 

These qualities help boost Herro’s stock among card collectors. Thanks to his performance as a rookie, more and more fans are becoming excited with the prospect of Tyler Herro cards bursting through the roof. To prove the point further, here are three reasons that will help you decide to collect more of Herro’s cards right away.

Tyler Herro is in a very good situation

The Heat surprised everyone when they eliminated the Bucks and Celtics from the playoffs. Although their run ended when they faced LeBron James and the Lakers during the Finals, they still managed to impress everyone in the end.

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A huge part of their run can be attributed to the culture being cultivated in Miami by Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley. Thanks to this culture, Miami is able to make the most out of its players in every way possible. As a result, the Heat were able to get solid contributions from everyone down in the bubble, including Tyler Herro.

Even in his first year in the league, Herro is in a better situation than most of his peers are. He gets to be surrounded by established veterans and learn from them. His exposure to these players, along with substantial playoff experience, will help him mature and develop faster in the NBA.

His swagger will keep the spotlight on him

When it comes to value, being in the spotlight helps in driving a player’s card price on the market. The more you perform well on the court, the more visible you will be among card collectors. The same can also be said if you’re doing everything right off the court as well.

Heat, Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro has the potential to be that guy. His on-court swag attracts media attention like crazy. The confidence this second-year player displays in a game, especially during clutch moments, helps drive his visibility in an upward trajectory. When this swagger is paired with his improvement, you can be sure more and more people will take notice.

Card collectors won’t be far behind if Herro starts to get more coverage. An increased media mileage will definitely reflect well on his rookie cards. As long as he gets to back that confidence up with wins and positive stats, Herro’s card value will go up.

Tyler Herro’s ceiling is very promising

Have you seen how Devin Booker played for Phoenix while he was inside the bubble? Or do you remember that time he scored 70 points in a loss to Boston? If you know how good Booker is, Herro has the same chance to be that kind of player as well.


A lot of people see Booker’s game whenever Herro steps on the court. His ability to get to the rim, drain a mid-range jumper, or shoot the lights out from the perimeter is reminiscent of the Suns All-Star. This is a good ceiling to project upon the sophomore player as he builds up the momentum from last season.

This is a great thing for Tyler Herro collectors. His rookie cards will surely jump in value, rewarding those with belief in the Heat star. Better join in on the fun now than be left behind soon.