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4 Characters who can be the final SSBU DLC Fighter

11th DLC Fighter for SSBU

According to Nintendo’s official website, they are planning to release the final DLC fighter by the end of the year.  Now that we’re 10 challenger packs in, with the latest addition of Kazuya Mishima to the roster, the question now is who will be the final challenger to receive the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate invitation?

This question is more important than ever, as Nintendo has just recently announced the final SSBU Direct. It will be held at 10 AM ET, October 5, 2021. During this Direct, Masahiro Sakurai will reveal the final SSBU DLC Fighter, talk about his moveset, and why they’ve chosen that character as their 82nd playable character.

Before we delve into our suggestions, let’s talk about patterns. Fans noticed a pattern in SSBU’s selection of DLC fighters. They noticed that the pattern of release between the two DLC Fighter Packs (with Piranha Plant included in the first pack) have some parallels in terms of identity. It goes like this:

  • First-Party Character: Piranha Plant/Min Min
  • Nameless Protagonist: Joker/Minecraft Steve
  • RPG Swordsman: Hero/Sephiroth
  • Pair: Banjo Kazooie/Pyra+Mythra
  • Fighting Game Veteran: Terry/Kazuya

But where exactly does Byleth fall under these categories? If we were to heavily base it on the given pattern of two fighters per category, Byleth should have a classification of his own. But what classification is it?

Crash Bandicoot – A Silent Protagonist like Byleth

The hero from Fire Emblem: Three Houses is notably a “Silent Protagonist“, which could most likely be the sixth theoretical category. With that being said, chances are the final DLC fighter coming to the game could also be a silent protagonist as well. That description fits Crash Bandicoot well.

Rumors and speculations about the orange marsupial’s appearance in SSBU have been around for months now. Fans of the franchise have been highly anticipating his arrival (in spite of the lack of any connection or evidence.) It makes sense to invite Crash since he was originally designed to rival both Mario and Sonic in the early days of the console wars. Now that Sonic and Mario have buried the hatchet, it might also be time to get Crash into the fold as well.

If Nintendo finally decides to add Crash to the game, his move-set would most likely include his Wumpa Launcher and his signature Spinning Attack. Maybe Aku-Aku could also tag along as Crash’s companion?

Genshin Impact‘s Traveler: Male/Female Avatars

Byleth can either be male or female, depending on which avatar you choose at the start of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Byleth is a Male/Female Character. With that being said, The Traveler, or Aether and Lumine from the hit game Genshin Impact could be the final DLC SSBU character.

Whichever gender the player chooses in Gneshin Impact won’t affect much of the story until a little later, unlike in Fire Emblem: Three Houses where it will affect your relationships with your students right off the bat. Since SSBU has a strong penchant to have RPG characters in their roster pool, the inclusion of The Traveler wouldn’t be out of place. Their special attacks could rely more on their elemental attacks while neutral and tilt attacks could focus on weapon attacks. Just like Crash, The Traveler may also bring their Emergency Food Paimon to the fray.

Hideo Shimazu – Video Game Teachers

Byleth has the moniker “Ashen Demon” and is feared on the battlefield, however, the protagonist was also tasked to become a teacher in one of the three houses’ academies. Because of this, a probable category would be Video Game Teachers.

Representing the classic arcade fighting game Rival Schools: United by Fate, Hideo Shimazu is a tough high school teacher who was tasked to recruit students for Justice High School. Bringing the likes of Shimazu to the game could throw in some nostalgia since the old school fighter game was short-lived. He may be an unpopular pick on this list, but the Super Smash Bros. series has a reputation of giving their player base surprises.

Doomguy – A Badass with Many Weapons

Byleth’s playstyle in SSBU involves wielding different weapons while being a badass with every one of them. Although there are a number of fighters who possess the same capabilities, Byleth actually wields a total of four weapons: a sword, an axe, a lance, and a bow. We can name this potential classification as “Multi-Weapon Wielder”.

Acquiring Doom’s ruthless and punishing protagonist in the game is the perfect recipe for chaotic gameplay. Doomguy doesn’t care about anything and will wreak havoc towards those that stand in his way. And it’s only fitting since all he does is smash down doors, break bones, and slaughter his enemies. Plus, with all the weapons that he possesses, he could be a perfect rival for Samus.

If we consider the fact that SSBU has tons of items that can be used to a fighter’s advantage, Doomguy would gladly utilize anything he could pick up to knock his opponents out. Oh, and maybe Ysabelle can pull some strings to get Doomguy into the game?

The Super Smash Bros. series can be very unpredictable especially when it comes to the roster. There’s definitely a plethora of characters that deserve to be in the game but SSBU can only accommodate so many. Keep in mind that this list was only based on theories alone, and mostly made for fun. Only time can tell who Masahiro Sakurai decides to pick as the final SSBU DLC fighter.