Andre Iguodala is a member of the Golden State Warriors for the second time in his career. His first stint with the team brought him three NBA championships and an NBA Finals MVP trophy. At 37 years old, Iggy is still a serviceable player. He still can defend at a high level and can make plays for teammates.

Let's discuss three reasons Iguodala is the perfect veteran pickup for the Warriors.

As was mentioned earlier, he's been here before. A new player would need an adjustment period to fit in. Iguodala knows what to do in the Warriors offense, and he understands the expectations on the defensive end as well. Sometimes bringing in a new player and trying to build chemistry could cost you.

Since the Warriors are aiming to win now, having a player who knows the team's philosophy and culture makes perfect sense even if he is turning 38 years old next season.

At 37, Iguodala would be the oldest player on the team. With a second unit full of youngsters, he can be like an extra coach when passing his knowledge around. If the younger players are smart, they will gravitate to Iguodala swiftly. On or off the court, you should see his maturity influence the younger guys. Good veterans are needed on the Warriors, especially when making a championship push.

That's not all this veteran brings to the table. His electricity can set the building on fire. His game is contagious, and the crowd and teammates feed off of it.  Whenever Iggy hits a big three or finishes at the basket with a dunk, it pumps everyone up. All championship teams need that player. He's all energy, and the bill wasn't that high for the Warriors, which also made him the perfect piece to the puzzle.

Lastly, all good stories have special endings. Iguodala is a fan favorite in the Bay Area. If you were creating a movie about how this season should end with a championship, how could you not include Iguodala? That's just what the Warriors did. They brought back a character from the past trying to make a sequel just as good as the original.

Today the NBA is full of young athletic talent, making it hard for veterans to stick around and have long careers. Although when it comes to Iguodala, he continues to prove his worth and give himself a slight edge over the younger competition, and these are the reasons he's the perfect grab for the Warriors.