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Tom Brady

4 teams that should consider Tom Brady if the Patriots let him walk

The New England Patriots want to keep competing for the Super Bowl. However, it doesn’t look like they will get there any longer if they continue to put Tom Brady in the pocket. With that being said, they must consider the possibility of parting ways with their most successful quarterback and start anew.

It’s going to be weird for everyone in the NFL to see TB12 suit up for a team that’s not named the New England Patriots. However, that’s the nature of the business. Moreover, Peyton Manning has shown him how to win one more Super Bowl with another team.

Here are some viable destinations for Brady if the Patriots do decide to let him walk in the offseason.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas next season, so there will be plenty of excitement surrounding the team as it will be the biggest sports team to call Sin City as its home base. What better way to start the latest chapter in their history by adding the greatest quarterback to their roster?

Having such a talented quarterback on the roster could do a lot for the Raiders when it comes to generating buzz for their games. Of course, they won’t become instant Super Bowl contenders if they manage to get Brady into their team. However, a decent roster can be made into a great one if they have a great quarterback like Brady under center.

Los Angeles Chargers

Continuing with the marketing slant, the Los Angeles Chargers would get more than a boost by adding Brady to their team. He should be able to generate interest for a franchise that badly needs a consistent quarterback.

Another reason why the Chargers should consider giving Brady a look is due to their terrible quarterback situation. Philip Rivers will most definitely leave the team in the coming offseason due to his terrible outings in the pocket. Brady is significantly better than him and should be able to string together wins for the less popular football team in Hollywood.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have shown that they have quality players that can help win them games. However, the inconsistencies of Jameis Winston makes him an unlikely option for the team in the long run.

If they’re looking for a veteran QB to lead them to victory, then Brady could be the man who could do it for them. They could give the New Orleans Saints a run for their money in the NFC South if they somehow pull this move off.

Denver Broncos

If Brady wants to win one more Super Bowl title before calling it quits, why not try it with the team that actually has experience pulling it off? The Denver Broncos will give Brady a perfect platform to shine.

The Broncos are one of the better defensive teams in the NFL, but their offense stops them from getting wins. If they have a signal-caller as capable as Brady throwing it deep, they should be able to make the playoffs in 2020.