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49ers great Jerry Rice named to NFL 100 All-Time Team

jerry rice

It was an inevitability that a player like Jerry Rice would be named into the NFL 100 All-Time Team. The moment he finally got named to the NFL 100 All-Time Team, many San Francisco 49ers fans and lovers of high-quality football rejoiced in his inclusion.

The NFL listed all of his accomplishments over his incredible 20-year career that spanned three decades of NFL football. This list would be more than enough to intimidate any wide receiver who wants to beat his record.

It’s hard to argue against Rice’s inclusion in the team. The man who has the most career receptions and receiving yards in NFL history is an instant inclusion to the NFL’s top team, no questions asked. The way he continued to assert his dominance on and off the field is something that should be admired.

Rice’s 10 First-Team All-Pro mentions and three Super Bowl rings also add to the argument. There aren’t a lot of wideouts who can perform at the same level he did during the years he was in the league.

However, the most impressive thing about him is how he kept himself relevant in a highly physical sport like the NFL during a time where awareness and mindfulness of a player’s health is not really a priority. He managed to keep himself healthy and in top shape, beating younger defenders and having 1000-yard seasons in his late 30s.

There may never be another wideout like Rice in the NFL. Given how rare of a physical specimen he is, there’s no question that he deserves his spot.