49ers news: Raheem Mostert returns Damien Williams' Super Bowl jersey
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49ers’ Raheem Mostert is returning Damien Williams’ Super Bowl jersey

Raheem Mostert, Damien Williams, 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers may have lost Super Bowl LIV to the Kansas City Chiefs in disappointing fashion, but that doesn’t mean that there’s already bad blood between the players of both sides. In fact, Raheem Mostert is all about supporting fellow rusher Damien Williams.

They exchanged jerseys after the game ended, but it turns out that Williams was quite hesitant with the exchange. He revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he felt weird surrendering his Super Bowl jersey to the losing team 49ers’ Mostert.

The 49ers running back heard his message loud and clear, but he wasn’t reportedly bitter about it at all. He even suggested returning the jersey to him after making a joke about selling it on eBay.

“Contemplated putting this on eBay,” Mostert wrote on Twitter. “But this belongs to YOU and yours! You did your thing. Hand this down for generations! PROUD OF YOU BRO! Much love.”


The big reason why Mostert specifically wanted to get Williams’ jersey was the fact that both of them started their pro careers as undrafted running backs. Williams started in 2014 while the 49ers rusher entered the league a year later. Both of them had to fight to get to where they are today.

Now, they found themselves battling for football’s highest honor last Sunday. Williams was incredible with his 104 rushing yards and rushing TD late in the game to seal the win. Meanwhile, Mostert also led the run for the 49ers with his 58 yards and one touchdown.

Both men carved out careers despite going undrafted in their respective years. They will serve as an inspiration for many running backs throughout the country.