Recently I wrote an article highlighting five WWE superstars who would thrive in AEW. Just like WWE, AEW has a stacked roster with some of the most talented wrestlers in the world. Unfortunately, when a company has as much talent as AEW does, many wrestlers get forgotten about and swept under the rug for a bit.

When you have a roster as stacked as AEW does, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. Some wrestlers get stuck in storylines that go nowhere, and some have no creative direction. Luckily for them, there’s this other company called WWE that could take them in and give them the proper spotlight they deserve. Here are a handful of AEW stars who would thrive in WWE.

Adam Cole

Let’s start with a wrestler who may wish he had never left WWE in the first place. Since joining AEW, Adam Cole hasn’t done a whole lot. Granted, he missed most of 2022 with serious head injuries, which delayed his rise to the top. As much as I love Adam Cole, I find it hard for him to be as big a star in AEW as he was in WWE. With so much talent and star power in AEW, Cole can easily get lost in the shuffle. Cole left WWE because he saw the writing on the wall. From what we’ve heard, his main roster run wasn’t looking too promising. Vince McMahon would’ve ruined Cole and tarnished everything he did in NXT. Now that Triple H is the head of creative, I wonder if Adam Cole wishes he stayed in WWE. With Triple H in charge, Cole would’ve been a star on the main roster.


Similar to what I said about Adam Cole, FTR are Triple H’s boys. You can make a case that they’re the best tag team in NXT history. Under Triple H, they were arguably the best tag team in WWE, not just NXT. Once they got called up to the main roster, things went downhill. It’s obvious why they left WWE for AEW, but if you think about it, they haven’t had that great of a run in AEW, either. At one point last year, they held three different tag team titles but weren’t featured on AEW television. FTR is the best tag team AEW has to offer, and they fail to utilize them and make them a prominent part of their show. With Triple H now in charge of creative, FTR would hands-down be one of the top tag teams in the company. They’d have a significant spotlight on them and a strong direction they never had before. With their contracts coming up soon, it’ll be interesting to see if they return to WWE.

Brian Cage

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Brian Cage is a big man that belongs in WWE. He’s entertaining, has a mean look, and is very solid in the ring. WWE could build him up as the new monster of the company and somebody who can take out any superstar at any time. We haven’t seen much of Brian Cage in AEW. He was a former FTW champion and is currently one-third of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions. Someone with his size and look should be featured on television almost weekly. AEW has an athletic big man who looks like a future world champion and doesn’t correctly utilize him. He’d be in good hands if Triple H were in charge of his creative direction.


What the hell has Andrade done in AEW? Where the hell has Andrade even been? This was the easiest AEW wrestler for me to add to this list. Andrade was a star in NXT. He didn’t have an incredible run on the main roster, but it wasn’t the worst NXT call-up of all time. Andrade still has a lot to prove, and it’s a shame he isn’t even mentioned on AEW. During his time in NXT, Andrade showed the world how talented he is and can go toe-to-toe with anybody. His second run in WWE would be incredible if he ever returned.


Here we go. Yes, I know MJF is the current AEW World Champion. Yes, I know he’s under contract for the next year and is already teasing going to WWE. I believe all the WWE talk has always been a swerve. But let’s imagine if MJF did leave AEW for WWE. MJF would be an immediate star in the company. If he went to WWE, he’d make sure he got the same treatment Cody Rhodes is getting, which he honestly deserves. He needs to be presented as the face of the company and one of their top guys. On the mic and in the ring, he’d become a star bigger than he could’ve ever imagined becoming if he stayed in AEW. I don’t think it’ll happen, but it would be cool if it did.

Those are a handful of AEW stars who would thrive in WWE, and honestly, I could’ve added more to this list. It’s insane how many talented wrestlers are wasting their time in AEW because they’re not involved in prominent storylines, getting the proper push they deserve, or getting any TV time. We’ll see if these AEW stars jump ship to WWE.

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