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5 Rappers That Started Streaming

With the advent of streaming, many a-gamer has taken to Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook to showcase their talents to the masses. but what happens when the streamer you’re watching has Grammy, BET, or MTV music nominations as well? You follow for the beats but stay for the gameplay of course!

Here are five rappers that prove concerts aren’t the only place you can catch artists performing in 2021.

5. Teegrizzley

I Spy with my little eye, one of the biggest rappers of 2020 streaming while looking fly.

Best known for his singles “First Day Out”, “No Effort”, “Colors” and “From the D to the A”, Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., or more commonly known as Tee Grizzley, is one rapper you can catch dropping some W’s on the regular on his Twitch channel to his 449k followers.

His preferred games are GTAV and COD Warzone, and he’s definitely a beast in both games.

4. Logic

With a name like Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, you wouldn’t think this guy would be a rapper, let alone one of the biggest artists you can watch on Twitch nowadays, and yet, here he is!

Having an amazing 10-year career is nothing to scoff at and in that period, “Logic” became a household name with the help of his six studio albums as well as his numerous mixtapes. His main inspiration is Frank Sinatra, who shaped his on-stage persona as well as various aspects of his personal life, citing him as a man who “showcased peace, love, grace, positivity, and valor”.

In 2020, he marked his retirement with “No Pressure” (aptly named if you ask us!) and retired from producing music (to the confusion of many fans) to become a fully focused father to his child with Brittney Noell and pursue a Twitch partnership. You can catch Logic work hard every day on his music and steaming career.

3. T-Pain

NAPPY BOY RADIO is now NAPPY BOY GAMING, This transition is an obvious one for this powerhouse of an artist. With 552k followers as of writing, It’s safe to say he’s ’n Luv with streaming.

Identified by his iconic use of autotune (who doesn’t think of T-Pain when you hear anyone using that voice effect??) and starting his career in 2003, he was part of rap group Nappy Headz and went solo within a few years. Getting chart-topper after chart-topper on numerous songs (Bartender, Good Life, Kiss Kiss, and Low just to name a few) with other R&B artists.

Nowadays, you can catch him with his snappy intro on Twitch playing some Sea of Thieves and just plain hanging out with his chat.

2. Soulja Boy

This man dove headfirst into the eSports and streaming world, no doubt, and would be considered one of the most consistent rappers-turned-streamers (and who wouldn’t be with a staggering 727k followers?!).

You probably would know DeAndre Cortez Way or Soulja Boy from his hit “Crank That” that had everyone supermanning that hoe in 2007 in a time before anything like TikTok. Other than his rap career, he tried his hand in fashion design (with his label S.O.D Clothing), voice and live acting, professional poker, and even releasing his own video game console, the SouljaGame (which failed due to legal claims from Nintendo).

Not one to be fazed, he turned his attention to streaming and he sure has been cranking those viewership numbers by playing GTAV, Brawlhalla, and Valorant. No doubt Soulja is sitting pretty and enjoying this life.

1. Snoop Dogg

The D-O-Double-G streams M-A-Double-D-E-N on the regular since he’s a huge fan of the NFL and everything football.

Considered one of the forefathers of modern Hip-Hop and Rap at large, Snoop is a huge draw even outside of his music career. He would attend celebrity eSports tournaments on Twitch and even started his own eSports League “Gangsta Gaming League” (who else but the king of Gin n’ Juice could do this?)

Catch him for some chill streams, Fo Shizzle.

And that’s the five rappers you can catch streaming their favorite games straight to your devices!