Unfortunately, the hits keep on coming for Forbidden Door, as, just 24 hours before the big event, AEW has announced that two more performers, Hiromu Takahashi and Hikuleo had been removed from the card.

Now granted, the duo are unavailable for very different reasons; Takahashi reportedly has a fever and was unable to travel from his home in Japan to take part in the eight-man tag match between the Bullet Club and the Dudes with Attitudes quartet that also features Sting Darby Allen, and Shingo Takagi. This, understandably, led Tony Khan and Gedo to widdle the eight-man tag down to six, with Hikuleo now tasked with serving as a ringside enforcer for The Young Bucks and El-Phantasmo.

Unfortunate? You bet, while a multi-man match with the Bucks wasn't on may a fan's wish list of dream matches, Takahashi is a fantastic performer who would have instantly impressed AEW fans alongside fellow NJPW stalwart Takagi but hey, after watching a third of the card get moved around in one way or another, with CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, reDragon, and Tomohiro Ishii all sidelined with some form of injury, it's nice to see the match remaining largely intact, even if it means a little more in-ring work for the Jacksons.

But hey, when has anyone complained about more of the Young Bucks in the ring, especially on a Pay-Per-View, when the duo typically bring their best efforts? Call Forbidden Door cursed, call it an almost guaranteed letdown versus the expectations of more than a few fans; the only calls folks should really be concerned with are the ones from Justin Roberts before each match, as he'll be the one to officially announcing which performers are actually taking the ring in any given match.