MJF really doesn’t like Jon Moxley. A pair of AEW originals who have been around each other since before Dynamite began airing for fans at 8 pm on either TNT or TBS, the duo have only wrestled once before, at All Out 2020, but the rematch is shaping up to be all the more consequential, as neither man is the same competitor they were two years ago.

When asked about how he’s feeling ahead of his match with Jon Moxley at All Out on the Pardon My Take podcast, MJF left very little to the imagination.

“How am I feeling?” MJF asked rhetorically. “You know, after The Firm attacked me in a cowardice fashion, doctors informed me that if I want to be 110 percent come Full Gear, I definitely shouldn’t be traveling on the road and to be frank, the only thing I’m worried about is that match at Full Gear vs Jon Moxley. See, this is the most important match of my entire career, but what I don’t think wrestling fans understand is this is also quite possibly the most important match in the history of our sport. Allow me to explain why; this could be the crowning of the next face of the next generation of professional wrestling. You see, every once in a while, once in a blue moon really, we see people who lead the charge of a generation and bring professional wrestling to new heights. Guys like Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, guys like Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock, John Cena, all of these men are generational talents. And that is exactly who MJF is.”

Whether you like him or not, it’s hard to argue that MJF hasn’t put his name into the same league as the men mentioned above through hard work, not just being “better than you and you know it.”

MJF shares some rare compliments to for Jon Moxley ahead of AEW Full Gear.

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Continuing on with his near four-minute promo, MJF actually spoke complimentarily of how Moxley made himself one of the best performers in the world before clarifying that the duo aren’t going to be in the same league come December.

“So here’s what’s going to happen; all I have to do to etch my name into history is to have a long, fruitful World Title reign, and the only person who is getting in my way is Jon Moxley,” MJF said. “Now I’m not going to sit here, Big Cat, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Jon Moxley is an easy competitor to beat. See, I don’t like you, Jon, I think you’re a lowlife, scumbag, piece of sh*t, I think you’re from the slums of Cincinnati, and I think you’re low class, but I do respect you. Because Jon, you weren’t born to be a World Champion, as a matter of fact, you were born with two left feet and not one single athletic bone in your body. However, I respect you because you had to work you’re a– off to become the man you are today. Blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices; you had to defy the odds, doing 15-hour drives to wrestle in front of 15 people for $15, and you did it over and over and over again, honing your craft until eventually, you did the d*mn near impossible Jon Moxley, you became the best professional wrestler on god’s green earth.”

“But know this, come November 19th, you’re about to lose that handle because I was born to not just be a professional wrestler but to be the professional wrestler. I’m the guy who can come on the number one sports podcast in the world, Pardon My Take, I’m the guy who can do movies, TV shows, commercials, talk shows, and I can wave the flag for AEW brand, and h*ll, I can waive the flag of professional wrestling and bring professional wrestling back to where it belongs, as something everyone is talking about. Every single wrestling fan, promoter, analyst, and pundit is fully aware that that throne is for the taking, and I’m the one who is going to take it. “

“I’m so sick of waiting my turn. Ever since I entered AEW, I had to get the spotlight stolen from me in my big moments. My first-ever singles Pay-Per-View match, the spotlight was on a neck tattoo. My first-ever World Championship match, which was against you, Jon Moxley, when you cheated, spotlight was on Matt Hardy taking a fall like Humpty Dumpty. The first-ever Blood and Guts match, I am standing atop of the cage, with a crimson mask, I prevailed, that should have been my crowning moment, but instead, the spotlight was on Chris Jericho. Speaking of Chris Jericho, he stole the spotlight from me for a full calendar year, and then, on my big return, the spotlight was on a press conference. Well, know this, Jon; on November 19th at Full Gear in the Tri-State Area, in Newark, New Jersey, in the Prudential Center, I am not waiting for the spotlight anymore, I am grabbing it. And you have to take it out of my cold, dead hands, Jon. Your boy William Regal bet on the wrong horse, I don’t need a Dynamite Diamond Ring to knock your lights out. Cause come Full Gear, the Devil gets his due.”

Wow, just wow. If you weren’t planning on watching Full Gear, this promo alone might change your mind.