Any time faction mates take the ring in a four-way match for a championship, it's going to be interesting, but what happens when a four-way championship match features two members of one faction and two members of another? Well, fans of AEW found out, as Tony Khan booked a four-way match for the Ring of Honor Championship featuring former ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli, former ROH Champion Bryan Danielson, and current ROH Champion Chris Jericho… plus Sammy Guevara added into the mix for good measure.

Now, for Jericho, the idea of bringing Guevara into the bout was a borderline no-brainer; he trusts the man he nicknamed the “Spanish God” wholeheartedly and felt that his chief lieutenant of the JAS would serve as an enforcer in a match against two of the deadliest dudes in the game.

Unfortunately for Jericho, it turns out the JAS isn't as tightly knit as he might have thought as, in a move that definitely didn't surprise Tony Schiavone, Guevara turned on Jericho when he earned a chance and almost took out his long-time mentor with a brutal GTS-Shooting Star Press combo. Still, Jericho persisted, and after watching his colleagues go to war, with Castagnoli and Danielson taking part in arguably the exchange of the night before the “Swiss Superman” started spinning Guevara in his signature move, the champion broke it up with a driving Judas Effect before hitting another for the 1-2-3. Jericho will remain the Le Champion heading into Ring of Honor Final Battle and will likely wrestle someone else from the match in that show's main event, should Briscoes-FTR III not be in the cards.