Jade Cargill had wrestled 42 AEW matches before she took the ring at Full Gear. All but two of those matches were of the singles variety – with her lone other appearances coming in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out 2021 and her debut match with Shaq– and yet, no matter who Tony Khan put in the ring opposite the inaugural TBS Champion, the results were ultimately the same: another notch in the W's collum for Cargill and another loss for whoever was unfortunate enough to get the assignment.

While looking over the roster, Khan was likely racking his brain trying to find Cargill's 42nd opponent, but in a rare twist of fate, his work was done for him, as Nyla Rose decided to steal the physical TBS Championship and become public enemy number one in the eyes of “That B*tch.”

Booked for a match at Full Gear, Cargill came down to the ring dressed like a Thundercat – the cartoon, not the bass player – and wasted little time going to blows with the “Native Beast,” taking her to task in the ring, outside of the ring, and back in the ring once more, where Mrs. “A Storm Is Coming,” does the brunt of her damage. In the end, even the presence of Marina Shafir, Vickie Guerrero, and a chopped-up car weren't enough to give Rose the advantage, as she went down just like all of the others. You know, 42-0 has a nice ring to it – on to the next one, AEW fans.