It happened; it finally happened: After months and months of anticipation, Christian Cage has finally turned on his now-former mentee Jungle Boy after his Jurassic Express tag team lost their titles to The Young Bucks in the main event of AEW Dynamite.

The match, which was initially booked to be a three-way but worked just fine as a two-on-two showcase, featured incredible spot after incredible spot, but none of them, not even Luchasaurus' brutal ladder fall onto multiple tables, held a candle to what happened after the bell was rung and the title belts went home with their new owners.

After being checked out by Doc Sampson, Jungle Boy was helped out of the ring by Cage, but before he could slip through the ropes, Christian pulled him back and hit him with the Killswitch, his finishing move. With JB down, Cage slid out of the ring and, much to the horror of the crowd in attendance who have seen this show before – albeit in another promotion – grabbed a pair of chairs from under the ring. He slid one under Jungle Boy's head, choked up on the other, and put steel to skull in his former tag team partner's signature extracurricular activity, the ConChairTo.

Hey, isn't that sort of like what Finn Balor and company did to Edge on RA… sorry, wrong show.

With Jurassic Express officially former tag team champions and Cage finally free to take out his anger on the soon-to-be 25-year-old called Jungle Boy, the next phase of this story is going to be interesting indeed.