When news broke that Brie and Nikki Garcia, professionally known as The Bellas, were leaving their WWE Legends contracts behind to go out on their own under their given names, it felt like it was only a matter of time before they landed in AEW.

Now granted, it's not like the twins have been particularly active in the squared circle as of late, as they haven't worked a non-Royal Rumble match since 2018, but hey, when you consider they are still only 40 and Brie's husband, Bryan Danielson, is one of the top performers in AEW, all it would seemingly take to get a deal done is some interest on the Garcias' part, as Tony Khan has all of the resources needed to bring the duo back into the wrestling ring.

Well, as it turns out, that day almost came at AEW Big Business, with Nikki noting that she came very close to calling up the AEW founder about signing up for a year of action.

“Since we've been lifting so much, we always say, we always start to get that wrestling mindset, ‘We're going to go back and do this story and cut this promo.' You get it, but how serious I got where I was like, ‘Okay, I think I can do maybe a year at AEW, and I can do it every week.' When I saw Mercedes [Mercedes Mone] debut and cut her promo, that line stuck with me, ‘Here, we're going to make the evolution worldwide.' I was like, ‘They do.' It goes into many leagues, is what she means, it doesn't have to be at one place. It can be at all these places where all these women are wrestling at,” Nikki Garcia explained on the Nikki & Brie Show via Fightful.

“I go, ‘Brie, I think I can do it for a year. I can do it here to here and go every week.' Then, I thought of Matteo. I had a good week of like, ‘This is it. I'm going to call Tony Khan. I'm your girl. I will commit.' Then, I was like, ‘I can't do that to my son right now. He needs me.”

“Everyone thinks it's TV one day a week. You have travel, you have preparation. I have to go to San Jose and get in the ring every day. There is a lot that goes into it, and that takes all the time away from my son. He needs me the most right now.”

So should Garcia make the call, or better yet, should Khan turn on the charm and make the initial call, offering up programs with Saraya and Mercedes Mone if she's willing to commit? Well, the fine folks on the Battle Ground podcast asked Khan that very question, and he earned a very interesting answer, indeed.

Tony Khan would happily bring The Bellas into AEW.

On paper, AEW has done a very good job of building up their woman's roster over the past few months, with Mercedes Mone now locked in as the headliner of the division even before working her first match. Still, would Khan bring in two more high-profile performers to a division that doesn't have tag team championship titles? In TK's opinion, there's no reason to pass on the Garcia sisters, as they are already part of the family.

“If Nikki Garcia ever wanted to come in to AEW, I would be very interested in that. I think the world of her,” Tony Khan explained via Fightful. “I have so much respect for Nicole and Bri. They're like family to us because Bryan is like a part of my family, and that means Brie and Nicole part of the family. So I have so much respect for both of them, and if Nikki was interested in coming to AEW, we would love to have her here any time. That was so great to hear. It means the world, and I just like both of them so much. I think they're really, really cool, and really, really great stars that would add a lot to AEW if they ever wanted to come.”

As crazy as it may sound, Brie and Nikki Garcia never held tag team titles during their professional wrestling careers, as WWE didn't debut their tag team straps until after The Bellas transitioned from regular in-ring stars to fixtures of E! with their own Total Bellas program. While it's impossible to know what either performer would like to do in AEW if given a chance to wrestle once more, it's safe to say a tag team run has to be in their future.