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Among Us update’s newest features: Anonymous Voting option, Task Bar modes and much more

Among Us

Among Us is set to receive an exciting gameplay update. The online space-themed multiplayer social deduction game has captured numerous players with its deceptively simple yet addictive gameplay. InnerSloth, the game’s developers and publishers look to shake things up by adding new features to the game.

One key feature in the new update will introduce the option for Anonymous Voting in games.

Players can usually opt to vote out one of their members during team meetings to try and single out who the impostors are. The current system shows which players vote for which particular suspect. This puts the voters at a disadvantage if they do not successfully kick off a suspicious teammate as they will have marked themselves as targets. The new Anonymous Voting mechanic will allow players to vote without fearing for their life. The vote indicators will be displayed in gray character heads, instead of the character’s colors.

The update will also add new options for the Task Bar for the game. The Task Bar is used by crewmates to keep track of their overall win conditions to secure the game. This naturally gives the impostors the advantage as they can infer which tasks will be prioritized by the crew. The new options will be divided into three modes: always, meeting, and invisible. The Task Bar will remain completely visible in Always mode, as it currently is. The Meeting mode will hide the Task Bar during gameplay segments and will only show up during meetings. The final mode, Invisible, will hide the Task Bar for the entire duration of the match.

The game update will also bring cosmetic changes to the meeting display, visual tweaks to some tasks, and numerous bug fixes. Impostors sabotaging comms will now also clear the security logs. It’s great to see a game developer making changes to improve their game even after it has already captured the hearts of millions of players.