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Amouranth now believes Dr. DisRespect doesn’t know reason for his ban

Amouranth now believes Dr DisRespect's claim on Twitch ban

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa tweets on Tuesday her latest realizations on Twitch bans. On the said tweet, Amouranth says that she now believes that Dr. DisRespect, real name Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, doesn’t really know the reason behind his ban.

Just like a lot of divisive streamers on the Twitch platform, Dr. DisRespect claims that he doesn’t know the exact reasons behind his ban. To be fair, Twitch really doesn’t tell the reason behind the bans they give out. All they say is that your account is suspended or banned due to an infraction on the platform’s Terms & Conditions. Still, sometimes the violations are too obvious for people to miss the reason for their bans. That’s why a lot of streamers and internet celebrities – Amouranth included – didn’t believe Dr. DisRespect’s claims that he doesn’t know the reason behind his ban.

However, Amouranth recently walks back on her initial assessment on Dr. DisRespect’s Twitch ban. “I now think it is totally possible @drdisrespect actually doesn’t know the exact reason for his ban,” tweets Amouranth. She follows this up that her realization is not related to her own Twitch ban.

Amouranth received a temporary ban from Twitch as well over the weekend over her contentious ASMR streams. She claims that the stance of Twitch on her content shows a double standard on its stance towards violence. Her ban was short-lived, however, and her Twitch channel is back up and running with her live streams.