With the lot of gadgets that people use daily, it is expected that a need to charge would come up within the day and this can be worrisome, especially for people who are always out and about. Thus, portable charging stations called Power Banks came to be and the rest is history. As time went by, gadgets have become more power-hungry and the need to have larger capacity charging stations was necessary – Although it seemed enough, there could never be a solution to the never-ending need to charge multiple devices throughout the day. AOHi recognizes this problem and has created a solution with a 40,000mAh 2-in-1 portable power bank  – Enough to recharge all of your gadgets and electronics.

2-in-1 means more versatility with high-capacity charging

AOHi has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the Starship 2-in-1 Charging Station and Power Bank. This device allows users to quickly charge their devices with 140W of power through two different charging modes (hence the 2-in-1 feature). This is an answer to all the problems that prove vital in various everyday scenarios especially when you are away from power sources like outlets and the like. This powerful block of power source has the following features to help its users ease their worries when it comes to charging needs:

  • Charging Station + Power Bank
  • 40,000mAh Huge Capacity
  • PD3.1 140W Fast Charging
  • 140W Fast Input
  • 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A Output Ports
  • Intelligent Power Distribution
  • 140W Dual USB-C Port
  • Multiple Devices Compatibility
  • LED Display Screen

What AOHi Really Stands For – Charging

The AOHi Starship offers a straightforward solution to your problem which is to charge your devices remotely from outlets. While it is appealing, what really sets the Starship apart from its competitors is that it has features that really make your charging faster, more efficient, and simultaneous.

Intelligent Power Distribution

This charging station has an intelligent power distribution that achieves 140W charging for both USB-C output ports and allocates charging power according to the needs of different devices. If the needed output is lower than the input power demand, the AOHi Starship will allocate the unused additional power input to the power bank and recharge itself. Pretty neat, right?

Fast Charging

The latest gadgets would often have a fast charging feature but would only be available if the power supply is also available. The AOHi Starship delivers up to 140W in support of PD 3.1 protocol and gives you faster charging speeds than those of ordinary power banks currently available in the market.

Simultaneous Charging

The PD 3.1 140W 2-in-1 Fast Charging Power Bank makes it easy to stay connected with all digital devices. With just one AOHi Starship, you can charge even the most power-hungry devices simultaneously. Based on the tests done by AOHi, it can charge a MacBook Pro 16″ up to 56% in just 30 minutes.

Managing Expectations – What are the Challenges of this Device?

While the AOHi Starship proves to be a great power source for its users, it faces the challenge of most power banks – Heat Management. The charging station has addressed this problem and promises to deliver high power and capacity while being able to dissipate heat from the charging device effectively.

Another thing to take note of is that the AOHi Starship may seem bulky towards users and that proves to be a challenge. Bigger capacity means heavier weight, right? This charging station is less than a kilo at about 900g with a size of 172 x 53 x 65mm. Users who are looking for a portable, high-capacity power bank would find this size and weight just right.

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