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WATCH: Ash’s abilities shown in Apex Legends Escape gameplay trailer

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With Apex Legends season 11 set to launch next week, Respawn Entertainment just dropped a new gameplay trailer. Excitingly, the video showcases the much-awaited new offensive legend, Ash, and her abilities in action.

Originally introduced in Titanfall 2, Ash’s debut as a playable character has been a long time coming. The new Escape gameplay video isn’t the first Apex Legends content where Ash has been spotted. In fact, several previous teasers already hinted at the new legend, including a Stories from the Outlands episode and a season 10 comic confirming her identity as Dr. Ashleigh Reid.

Just like these past teasers, the new trailer again showcases Ash as an antagonistic and merciless character. The way the video unfolds builds up the tension, starting with familiar legends with guns blazing in an all-new map, Storm Point. When Ash arrives in the scene, she brutally annihilates other characters with sword-like finishes. It speaks to her role as an initiator and damage threat in fights, meant to control the battle with unhinged aggression.

For her tactical ability, Ash wields a bladed weapon called Arc Snare. In the video, she hurtles the blade which then shoots out a tether. The spinning snare slinks around any legend that gets too close to it, trapping and restricting their movement. Not only is the trapped enemy damaged upon contact, but the reduced movement speed makes it easier for the team to close in for the kill.

Meanwhile, Phase Breach or Ash’s ultimate ability enables the legend to travel through the void. As seen in the video, Ash cuts a one-way portal through a nearby area. By tearing through space-time, Ash can easily reposition on another location on the map. As a rotation ability, it could prove very useful for her role as an “Incisive Instigator.”

Although trailer did not show Ash’s passive ability, Marked for Death, the Apex Legends website describes it as marking surviving attackers by revealing the location of recent death boxes. This move would provide Ash with more information about what is going on around the map. Hence, teams can enact more strategic planning for hunting their enemies.

Apex Legends: Escape will launch on November 2, and fans will be able to try out Ash’s abilities for themselves. Moreover, the new Storm Point map, which is a battle royale, looks to bring a new dimension as the game’s biggest ever battlefield. From prowler nests to Ash’s portal, players can anticipate more action-packed excitement in the new season.