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Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon has a “Hidden Tunnel”

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If you think you memorize the whole map of Kings Canyon even with your eyes closed, prepare for a surprise. Apparently, Respawn inserted a Kings Canyon hidden tunnel, and it comes as a shock to some players. 

Apex Legends has always been known for adding easter eggs and secrets in the game’s maps. However, the so-called “hidden tunnel” has been in the game since Season 0. 

Redditor Sametg73 shared a video of himself discovering the hidden location. This post brought out a mix of both sides of the spectrum. One side being the players aware of the Kings Canyon hidden tunnel, and the other side is those who aren’t. The hidden tunnel’s location is somewhere in the swamps area of Kings Canyon. The hidden tunnel doesn’t necessarily have much to offer, players will only be able to find three supply bins. 

It’s understandable that many players seem to have overlooked the tunnel since it’s located in a low-key spot. However, there are OG players who are surprised to know that not everyone is aware of this. Considering the fact that the hidden tunnel has been around since Season 0, it can really make you wonder. 

The hidden tunnel can be a good hiding spot for players. In fact, not all players are aware of its location so it’ll be difficult to spot your squad. On the other hand, thanks to Sametg73, the hidden tunnel might soon become a hot spot. Better take advantage of its lack of presence while you still can.