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Apex Legends’ New Map Gets Leaked courtesy of data miner and leaker

Apex Legends' New Map Gets Leaked Apex Legends Map Leaked Apex Legends New Map

Did Apex Legends‘ latest map get leaked? Well, that may be the case thanks to a prominent Apex Legends data miner and leaker.

Apex Legends Latest Map Gets Leaked

Apex Legends Season 11 is set to release in a couple of months this holiday season, and when it does drop, the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch game will reportedly get a brand new map. If this is the case, this will be that game’s fourth map which is fairly awesome considering the game isn’t even three years old.

There isn’t much information yet about the new Apex Legends map. All that is known is that it’s planned to arrive alongside Season 11 and that it will be tropical-themed. This suggests there could be more of a water element compared to previous maps that consist of ice and lava.

It seems like the map is being built with vehicles in mind, and will also introduce a new vehicle to the battle royale game. That being said, it looks like it’s only a transport vehicle.