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Apex Legends news: Ranked KP overhaul incoming

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Apex Legends fans can rejoice as the game’s ranked system, based on kill points (KP), is getting an overhaul in Season 11. The update will change the way KP is calculated, as revealed in an impromptu Reddit Q&A from Ryan Rigney, Respawn Entertainment’s Director of Community and Communications.

For the Apex Legends community, changes to the ranked mode are sorely needed. At higher ranks, DDoSing and server issues continually plague the game, making the playing—and climbing—experience exasperating.

Accumulating KP is absolutely essential for rising through the battle royale’s ladder. The system is a little more complicated than simply winning matches, which gives ranked points (RP). But besides the end result, the calculations also take into account individual performance. Players earn KP for getting kills and assists, with the maximum capped at six per match.

Because of this cap, players tend to go for kills early on to max out the KP they can get. Each KP is worth 10 RP at the baseline, but the multiplier scales off team placement in the match. Higher placements then translate into higher RP gained out of those kill points.

Depending on how drastic the update is, the developers could finally bring about some much-needed fixes to the battle royale’s ranked system.

The Apex Legends community—including pros, streamers, and fans—proposed a number of KP changes. For example, KP could be a more team-based calculation or the modifier could also take into account damage dealt instead of placement alone. Other suggested fixes may involve a more systemic transformation beyond KP, such as adding a demotion system.

According to Rigney, the details will have to wait. Fans will get a clearer picture of ranked changes when the Season 11 patch notes drop.