The lives of people, both good and bad, are in your hands. Here are the details for As Dusk Falls’ PlayStation release, including its release date, gameplay, story, and trailers.

As Dusk Falls PlayStation Release Date: March 7, 2024

As Dusk Falls – Announce Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

As previously announced, As Dusk Falls has a release date of March 7, 2024, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. An Xbox One and Series X|S release, as well as a release on PC, is also available and first came out back in 2022.

As Dusk Falls Gameplay

Similar games like Until Dawn, As Dusk Falls is an interactive storytelling game. The game focuses on giving players the ability to make choices, which will in turn change the outcome of the story. If you have ever read Choose Your Own Adventure books, it’s quite literally those.

The gameplay switches between reading the story and making choices at pivotal locations. Choices can vary, from simple ones like whether or not to let someone watch TV, or be fatal, like whether or not to swim across the border or not. These choices not only have immediate effects, like the death of a character but also long-lasting ones, like characters experiencing trauma. Players should go into this game with the mindset that every single one of their actions has consequences.

As there are various consequences in the game, players can choose to replay the story over and over again. They have access to a map of sorts, showing them what choices they have made, and the results of said choices. This allows players to choose other choices, and enter a new story branch that they have never seen before. The tree even tells you how many scenes you have not experienced yet.

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Surprisingly, this game also has multiplayer. However, the multiplayer comes in the form of a voting system, with all players deciding what choice to make at certain points in the game. Whichever choice has a majority vote will be the one that the story will use.

As Dusk Falls Story

The game follows the story of two families, whose fates got intertwined in 1998 after a robbery-gone-wrong. Players will experience the lives of both the family of the robbers, as well as the family that they held hostage. The fate of either family is in the player’s hands.

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