The Houston Astros made some quality moves at the MLB trade deadline, bringing in the likes of first baseman Trey Mancini, reliever Will Smith, catcher Christian Vazquez and utility Mauricio Dubon.

The Astros were rumored to be in on some of the starting pitchers available, as they reportedly checked in on Luis Castillo. However, rather than improve an already-strong facet of their team, the club instead opted to address some of their most pressing needs.

While they may not have made a huge splash, Astros fans were still likely pleased with the front office's handiwork. Here's why they should be more than just pleased.

The Astros cemented themselves as 2022 World Series favorites after the MLB trade deadline. Here's why.

Why Astros Are World Series Favorites After MLB Trade Deadline

2. They were already the most-well-rounded team heading into the MLB trade deadline

The Astros entered the 2022 MLB trade deadline with the second-best record in the American League. They owned a commanding divisional lead in the AL West while also holding a series edge over the biggest threat to a World Series berth, the New York Yankees.

Their pitching staff ranked among the three best in baseball, while they also placed among the better teams both at the plate and in the field. In short: this was about as well-rounded a team as any in the league.

Led by slugger Yordan Alvarez, who has been an MVP candidate, and ace right-hander Justin Verlander, who has returned with a bang this season, Houston had many already projecting them for great things before the MLB trade deadline.

The club didn't need to do much to solidify their standing as a World Series favorite. That they went out and made themselves better when other contenders (cough, the Los Angeles Dodgers, cough) barely did anything is to their credit.

1. The Astros addressed every need at the MLB trade deadline

The Astros quite literally addressed every single need on the team at the MLB trade deadline. Don't believe me? Check this out.

Houston ranked dead-last in catcher Wins Above Replacement, with the likes of Martin Maldanado not cutting it from an offensive standpoint. The Astros also had one of the worst first base situations in the league, placing among the bottom-10 teams in baseball in terms of WAR from the position.

The bullpen, while one of the best in baseball, was filled exclusively with right-handers. So, what did the Astros do?

They went out and got a veteran catcher in Christian Vazquez, an All-Star-caliber first baseman in Trey Mancini and an experienced left-handed reliever in Will Smith.

Vazquez, while not a permanent replacement for Maldanado, who is a respected leader on the team, can provide a spark of offense as a backstop. Mancini, who can also play the outfield, owns a career .797 OPS and is more of an offensive force than Yuli Gurriel at this point in his career.

Finally, Smith, who has held lefties to a .220 batting average and .640 OPS in his career, has proven that he can get left-handers out time and time again.

Did any team in baseball address their needs better than the Astros? It's hard to say that anyone, outside of the San Diego Padres, had a better MLB trade deadline.

Houston should be regarded as the World Series favorite because of it.