It's a tragic day for Auburn football and the Battie family as reports indicate that both Brian and his brother Tommie are victims of a horrific shooting. The incident is still under investigation but there were multiple victims involved in the shooting.

News broke on Saturday morning claiming that current Auburn football running back, Brian Battie is fighting for his life after being shot in the head, according to Doug Fernandes of the Sarasota-Tribune. His brother Tommie is reportedly dead.

“This is unreal. Former Braden River RB Tommie Battie was shot and killed last night in Sarasota, and his brother, ex-Sarasota High, USF, and current Auburn RB Brian Battie, was shot in the head and is fighting for his life.”

The news was later confirmed to be true as a spokesman of Auburn football spoke with Brian Schultz of Auburn Rivals. This is a truly tragic incident and we hope nothing but the best for Brian Battie as he's in critical condition.

“A team spokesman has confirmed the news to us at Auburn Rivals.”

Sarasota Police Department shared details of the shooting involving both Brian and Tommie Battie. The incident is still under investigation as it is still considered active.

“UPDATE: The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) is investigating a shooting that occurred in the 3400 block of 17th Street early Saturday morning.

“Deputies initially responded to the Tallywood Centre Plaza at approximately 3:30am where they observed a large crowd with multiple shooting victims in the parking lot. One victim, Tommie L. Battie IV (10/3/1999), was pronounced deceased at the scene. Four additional victims were transported to local hospitals in both Manatee and Sarasota counties. There is no further update on any of the other victim’s conditions. One eastbound lane of 17th Street between Tallywood Drive and Beneva Road was shut down during part of the investigation.”

If anyone knows anything or has information to share, the Sarasota police department asks that you reach the SCSO Criminal Investigations Section at 941-861-4900. Or, you can reach Crimestoppers at 941-366-8477.

Brian Battie played three seasons at Southern Florida before transferring to the Auburn football program last season. He played more of a backup role after putting up 227 rushing yards and one touchdown off of 51 attempts. His brother, Tommie, didn't play college football but was well known in the Sarasota area for his playing days in high school.