Tekken 8 isn't half a year old yet and it's already flexing its legal muscles. One of the biggest issues Bandai Namco is facing now is the game's modding community.

Modding has become an essential part of gaming as it provides enhanced experiences and expanded options for players to enjoy. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco doesn't see it in the same light. After only two and half months since launching its eighth installment of the Tekken franchise, the developers have already called out TekkenMods.com, a community-run website for Tekken 8 mods.

TekkenMods admin Dennis Stanistan recently posted screenshots of his exchange with Bandai Namco on Twitter. The Tekken 8 developers complained about how Stanistan's website contains content that strikes the game's copyrights. Bandai then reminded the admin that he was never granted any authorization and asked him to take down a specific mod.

“It has come to our attention that you are using Tekken(S) copyrighted image(s), logo(s) or other visible or concealed text within your website located at tekkenmods.com without having obtained prior written authorization,” says Bandai Namco in an email sent to Stanistan.

“This unauthorized use of Bandai/Namco's intellectual property falsely suggests Bandai/Namco's sponsorship or endorsement of your website. This practice infringes on Bandai/Namco's exclusive intellectual property rights.”

Bandai Namco specifically targeted a mod that allows players to control the new character Reina in her devil form. The form, while present in the game, cannot be accessed by players in the game's vanilla state.

Given how Bandai Namco targeted a specific mod, Dennis Stanistan called the developers out. He feels that the developers have an ulterior motive behind taking down the mod. Stanistan also clarified that he never promoted being affiliated with Bandai Namco. This only made the developers' request even more sketchy in his eyes.

“You demand the removal of “Tekken(S) copyrighted image(s), logo(s) or other visible or concealed text” from a very specific page,” Stanistan responds.

“It appears selective to target a specific URL, hinting ulterior motives beyond copyright protection. Your concerns that the use of said content may suggest Bandai Namco's sponsorship or endorsement of tekkenmods.com whn there is a clear disclaimer that is in place on the website and the page in question, stating: “TekkenMods is not affiliated with BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT INC. All trademarks are the porperty of their respective owners.”

Ultimately, the Tekken 8 mod was taken down and won't likely come back.

Why did Bandai Namco Want to Take Down Devil Reina Tekken 8 Mod?

Stanistan speculates that Bandai Namco specifically targeted the mod to be taken down due to an ulterior motive. Given how Bandai Namco has been introducing new forms of monetization to Tekken 8 that haven't been seen in previous games in the series, speculations now arise about how Bandai Namco is possibly targeting mods that occupy the same space as planned DLC.

It is not officially revealed, however, whether or not Tekken 8 will have a future Devil Reina DLC.

If Bandai Namco decides to launch a separate DLC for Devil Reina, it could be for the better. Being able to utilize unique moves from Reina's devil form will undoubtedly give players a new experience. Bandai Namco should then feel confident with its DLC's appeal and shouldn't resort to means that could alienate its fanbase.

Regardless, this legal action is not a good look for Bandai Namco, especially with how many fans have already expressed frustration over the game's monetization schemes for cosmetics.