Barcelona's Brazilian winger Raphinha could play a pivotal role in facilitating Lionel Messi's return to the club, reported by As the newly-crowned Spanish champions seek to improve their squad, raising funds through Raphinha's potential transfer could be the key.

Raphinha's initial presentation as a Barcelona player was marked by uncertainty. However, over the past 10 months, he has become an integral part of the team, making 34 league appearances, winning La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup, and earning a place in the Brazilian national team. Despite his success, he may be the first player to depart Barcelona during their summer transition.

With ambitious plans in the transfer market, including the desire to sign Lionel Messi, Barcelona must sell players before they can make significant investments. Raphinha's expected high transfer fee could unlock a busy summer for the club and pave the way for Messi's return.

Although there is no indication that Raphinha wants to leave Barcelona, his potential departure is seen as a necessary sacrifice to address the club's financial challenges and facilitate Messi's return. However, the situation could become complicated, especially with recent changes in Barcelona's boardroom and the involvement of Raphinha's agent, Deco, who has recently joined the board.

The club understands the importance of handling the situation delicately, as they aim to avoid a repeat of last summer's Frenkie de Jong saga, which became a major distraction. Barcelona is keen to streamline their operations and prioritize their pursuit of Messi without any unnecessary controversies.

While Raphinha may not be pleased with the prospect of leaving, and Xavi, Barcelona's newly appointed manager, may have reservations as well, the club recognizes the necessity of generating immediate funds. Parting ways with Raphinha could turn a quiet summer into a financially robust one, allowing Barcelona to pursue other key additions in crucial areas.

In the clash of personalities, priorities, and personnel, Barcelona views Raphinha's presumed sale as an opportunity to unlock the long-awaited signing of Lionel Messi and bolster the squad. Despite potential complications, the club is aware of the need to make difficult decisions to ensure their financial stability and strengthen the team for the upcoming season.