Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernandez has expressed his frustration with the constant comparisons to his predecessor Pep Guardiola, reported by Despite delivering Barcelona's first La Liga title since 2019, Xavi has faced criticism for his pragmatic style of play, which has led to several narrow victories and a strong defensive record. As a former player under Guardiola, who led Barcelona to unprecedented success with his “tiki-taka” philosophy, Xavi feels burdened by the expectations to replicate his style.

In an interview with Catalan outlet TV3, Xavi openly addressed the issue, stating, “The figure of Guardiola is weighing me down as a coach. I don't think it's fair [to constantly make the comparison]. It happened to me when I was a player as well. Everyone has to turn the page.”

Despite the criticism, Xavi remains committed to Barcelona and is ready to extend his contract until 2026. When asked about the progress of negotiations, he expressed confidence in reaching an agreement soon, stating, “Yes. We will come to an understanding sooner rather than later. I know the club will make as much of an effort as they can, and there won't be any problems. I'll end up renewing, and hopefully, I can continue here for many years.”

Barcelona has already secured the Primera Division trophy for the 2022-23 season. With their domestic success confirmed, the team will aim to end the campaign on a high note in their final match against Celta Vigo on Sunday.

Xavi's tenure as Barcelona head coach has brought success, but he continues to face the challenge of carving out his own path while being compared to the iconic Guardiola. With a contract extension on the horizon and the determination to build his own legacy, Xavi remains focused on leading Barcelona to further achievements in the seasons to come.