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Brett Favre speaks out on his pick for starting quarterback in Chicago

Brett Favre Nick Foles Bears

The starting QB role for the 2020 NFL Season is still up for grabs for the Chicago Bears after they signed Super Bowl champion Nick Foles in earlier this year. With training camp almost underway, it seems that head coach Matt Nagy still hasn’t officially named his starting playmaker for the upcoming season. And if you ask Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre, it’s actually quite a simple decision.

“I look at it this way: How will Nick Foles play in Chicago? I don’t know,” Favre said (per NBC Chicago). “I just base it off how they both have performed when they have been given the opportunity, and Nick Foles, I think, has performed better.”

Though current starter Mitchell Trubisky has shown some signs of greatness in his young career, his three years in the team has been quite underwhelming to say the least. And once the franchise got the opportunity to sign a high-caliber QB, they immediately swooped in and traded for Foles even if it meant signing the Super Bowl LII MVP to a huge contract.

And with experience on his side, Foles seems to be the better option between the two. Favre, who knows a thing or two about signal-calling as a three-time league MVP, believes that Foles has proven that he is indeed worthy of the starting role for the Bears.

“If you just based it off how they’ve performed in real game situations, obviously, Nick Foles won a Super Bowl. And played lights out. Just based off of that, Nick Foles is the better player.” said Favre.

Both Trubisky and Foles are in interesting positions coming into this season. Trubisky is looking to bounce back from a subpar third year and hopefully secure his spot as the Bears’ main option in the coming years. Foles on the other hand is poised to return to the field after just playing nine games in the past two years being battling a shoulder injury.